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“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.”

Philip K. Dick

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March 04, 2023

Today I... in Hello

Tried Korean short ribs for the first time at Viethouse. Oh my god they were succulent! Came with steamed rice, cucumber slices, sliced carrots, two slices of tomatoes and lettuce. Will defini...

March 03, 2023

9:45 AM in Hello

It’s too early for me to be awake. 😁 Seriously, I’ve had crap sleep all week. I could go for a breakfast burrito, glass of orange juice, follow up glass of water and about four more hours of sle...

March 02, 2023

Figures... in Hello

It’s either a guy or a bot fucking with me on Reddit. That’s not cool to play on someone’s loneliness. Ex Machina broke my heart for the geek who was played by the A.I. robot. I want to watch...

March 02, 2023

Gosh Darn! in Hello

The sausage and three bean soup was delicious but my god the heartburn. Tomatoes effing kill me sometimes and there was a whole can in it, seasoned with basil, garlic and onion. I like garlic b...

March 01, 2023

Lazy Night in Hello

Been sleeping on and off today. Mom is not feeling well at all and hurts all over. I keep telling her to take a nice hot bath. A girl from Reddit messaged me last week. We been chatting dail...

February 28, 2023

Failure in Hello

Tonight is number three I’ve been in the throes of vodka. Look up the lyrics.

February 27, 2023

Treat in Hello

My income tax came in Friday so I treated mom out to Ichiban last night. We both ordered filet mignon and scallops. We split a rainbow roll, the meal came with miso soup and a salad, fresh vegg...

February 25, 2023

Achy Breaky Body in Hello

My gout toe still hurts. The last three days, mid spine and to the left, has been hurting where I coughed hard and pulled a muscle. Heating pad and Icy Hot ARE great, I just wish it’d go away. ...

February 24, 2023

Seven More Days in Hello

One week sober. My continued goal is to make it to 41 with a year under my belt. Baby steps. Right now, let’s just make it through the night.

February 22, 2023

Warm Tummy, Fire Mouth in Hello

Well, I went against my better judgement, left the house and tried to run a few more errands. Yet another problem cropped up but I got it taken care of. I didn’t get to finish all I set out to ...

The high has to come down sometime. I just woke up from a nightmare where I relived some past trauma. I don’t think I’ll leave the house today…

February 21, 2023

H.A.L.T. in Hello

Am I: Hungry Angry Lonely Tired/Thirsty Just learned about this. Further researchin’ I go. Edit: This is brilliant. https://health.clevelandclinic.org/halt-hungry-angry-lonely-tired/ S.T.O.P. S...

February 21, 2023

Hail Cesar! in Hello

Butterflied and grilled two chicken breast. The fatty pieces I grilled as well on a piece of aluminum foil for the stray kitties. Caught a photo of one this afternoon using the mulch bag on my ...

February 21, 2023

Feet Don't Fail Me Now in Hello

My birthday didn’t go quite as planned. We went to Metro Diner for the first time. I got the Carolina Shrimp N Grits. Two fried grit cakes with a moat of white gravy chock full of shrimp and an...

February 19, 2023

Happy 40th Birthday To Me in Hello

Finally crashed around 8 PM. Slept like a log till about 6:40 AM. Now starts the birthday festivities! Blue Plate for breakfast, chocolate chip banana pancakes here I come! Antman and Wasp at no...

My gout area keeps cramping up and it is excruciating. I can’t sleep, obviously, so I’ve got a Monk marathon on (even though I think I’ve seen every episode now.) I’ve done a bunch of word find...

February 17, 2023

Day 1 Again in Hello

Depression got the best of me and I drowned myself for a while. I’m watching History: Facts Vs Fiction. Prohibition lead to the invention of the cocktail. Moonshine and bathtub gin was so awful...

February 16, 2023

Swimming In Seafood in Hello

Yet another night of barely any sleep. There is a new Mexican restaurant called La Finka. Ironically they’re next to a Taco Bell. I’ve eaten at just about every Mexican joint in town and I hone...

February 15, 2023

Dr. Demento. in Hello

I FUCKING FOUND IT! He’s a comedy radio host based out of California. It’s how Weird Al got discovered. I had a beat up recorded tape of one of his shows. The last song, “Montezuma’s Revenge -...

February 15, 2023

Gut Feeling in Hello

I busted out scented candles and emergency candles. It’s been too warm here. I can now hear the thunder in the distance. My gut doesn’t tell me much but when shit goes south it reacts. Tor...

February 14, 2023

Oh Ya, It Is Valentine's Day in Hello


February 14, 2023

Can I Be 20 Again? in Hello

Another pain entry. Well, not so much pain but stiffness. Left knee is bothering me again. Doesn’t necessarily hurt but I can feel pressure from swelling, yet again. I’d like to be me awkward ...

February 13, 2023

Boxers And A Fan in Hello

It’s friggin’ February and mid-sixties out. I’m laying on the couch in my boxers with the fan on. Been awake since 3 something AM and I’m really tired. Got my taxes done earlier, will be getti...

February 13, 2023

Buttah Yo Bread in Hello

A coworker once told me that if it sounds like you were high when you made it, I don’t want to eat it. Ironically he said that as we stood in line at Taco Bell on our lunch break. With all tha...

February 13, 2023

It's 4:52 AM in Hello

And I want a half a slab of ribs, extra sauce. Been awake for about an hour. My sleep schedule is screwed.

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