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January 20, 2021

hi i'm back. and last wk.

hi. I’m back. [you. went somewhere?] well yeah the usual places. I haven’t, traveled in quite some time. went to the store a couple wks. ago. the 4th. no wait I went the 6th. wed. that was a wei...

December 16, 2020

well I'm behind. obviously.

being that I haven’t blogged in. some time. um. the surgery went well, have recovered. did a couple stupid actually. the same thing twice. recently. got together w/ mark recently. family got a t...

October 28, 2020

from the 18th - the 24th

sun. the 18th i. did my laundry. as usual. mon. I didn’t go out. actually. tues. I went. to my mom’s. I had an appt. w/ dr c the dentist. she’s nice. then. i went out. wed. I went out. and thurs....

October 18, 2020

so. we talked and.

I was direct w/ him but not confrontational. I hope. um. Something about if. this isn’t something he wants then I need to know cause otherwise. . . and that i was confused. heartbroken. this wa...

October 18, 2020

so. Mark got at me.

apparently. he’s ok w/ us still being friends. but then . . . I. want to have the whole physical cuddling thing w/o sex. fwb and it sounds like he’s open to that. but. what the hell? last pm from...

omygod. no . . . no. Mark just told me, via fb. that he’s not as into me as I am into him. and. I. told him that this is kindof a lot for me right now and that I might need time . . . and whateve...

btw. my surgery’s sched. for the 4th. of next month. but that’s not the good news. well. it’s not the happy news. no um. I’m seeing someone, as mentioned. actually. it’s my friend Mark who I’ve k...

October 15, 2020

from the 5th - the 10th.

the 5th sun. i. did my laundry. mon. I went to the store. tues. - fri. i. didn’t do anything. and sat. I was at my mom’s.

October 07, 2020

from the 27th - the 3rd

so on sun. the 27th i. did my laundry. as usual. mon. I went to the store. tues. wed. i. didn’t do anything. thurs. I was at my mom’s. we had panera then I had my perio appt. we talked about the ...

October 05, 2020

so. I'm having surgery.

that. might make it sound worse then it is. no uh next month probably. dental. what they’re going to do is remove the tooth, the dentists lady is going to shave it down so it fits, she’s going t...

September 30, 2020

from the 20th - the 26th

so. on the 26th which was sun. i. did my laundry. mon. i went to the store. tues. wed. i. didn’t do anything. um. right so thurs. my mom i went and met the new dr. lady. it was. a consultation no...

September 30, 2020

3 months.

well. it’s been 3 months since i got my concussion.s

September 24, 2020

2 months 11 wks.

well. it’s been 2 months 11 wks. since i sustained my last concussions. second and third concussions. actually. a little over.

September 23, 2020


uh the 13th i did my laundry. the 14th i went to the store. tues. and wed. i didn’t do anything. thurs. I had my follow-up w dr nick. he prescribed an antibiotic and mouthwash. fri. I went out. a...

so. I also watched taking woodstock recently w/ jonathon groff eugene levy liev schreiber. it’s ok not a great movie. no that’s it.

so I also watched sucker punch and rock of ages they were ok. there’s a twist at the end of sucker punch and. i guess. everything that happened during the movie only existed during the course of ...

so. the other movies I watched were martian child, the fall and lady in the water. the fall is sad. martian child is a good movie. oh and boys don’t cry love that movie. so I figured out that on ...

September 16, 2020

2.5 months

well. it’s been 2.5 months since I sustained my concussion. s actually a little over.

so my comp. is still. not working. thankfully. I have the iphone. er my iphone that is. so I figured out that if I go to settings and then wifi the list of networks will show up. and from there ...

so I’ve been watching TV online on my phone cause things regarding my comp. are still pear-shaped. yeah big bang. there’s nothing like watching one’s fave TV show when they don’t feel good. actua...

September 12, 2020

hey I'm back. am on phone

hey im back i know it’s been awhile. Um. well I got a new phone to use as a modem cause the lady got hacked. I got it wed. that was a long day. Oh the other reason I’m using a phone and not my ...

August 19, 2020

from the 9th - the 15th

sun. as usual i did my laundry. mon. i. went to the store. tues. wed. the usual. and thurs. and fri. the usual. same w/ sat.

August 18, 2020

6 wks.

well. it’s been 6 wks. since i got/sustained my concussion.s

August 12, 2020

from the 2nd - the 8th

um. the 2nd i did my laundry as usual. on mon. the 3rd i. went to the store. at 12:50 that was a long day. tues. wed. i. didn’t do anything. on....................................uh. thurs. i. we...

August 12, 2020

a quick programming note.

as if this is a tv show. uh anyway. if no one hears from me tom. - mon. it’s cause. i’ll be at my mom’s. oh btw mon.’s my birthday. i’ll be 33, for those who wonder.

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