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  • Sept. 14, 2020, 8:42 a.m.
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so I’ve been watching TV online on my phone cause things regarding my comp. are still pear-shaped. yeah big bang. there’s nothing like watching one’s fave TV show when they don’t feel good. actually wed. night i was surprisingly hungry i had pasta. during actual dinner time i had mangos. and cheese. still queasy but not as often. by tom. or wed. i should feel better er have recovered from the anasthesia. the antibiotic however. will take more time. it’s powder. no he injected it. one and done. i didn’t even know that was a thing. all these advancements in science and medicine. I have a follow up appt. wed. then a cleaning um thurs. so. I’ve been eating bread and well that’s it. well and rinsing w/ salt water consuming apple cider mostly sugarless tea. my mouth looks a lot better since having the procedure done. [well i should hope so.].
during the time my er the net went all cattywampus and all. that. i watched movies well dvds. and read. stephen king. i watched the runaways, august rush, which i apparently love, amelia - such an inspiration. pursuit of happyness really good. my sister’s keeper interesting. titanic um. vicky cristina barcelona. evita. ramona and beezus sex and the city, he’s just not that into you. delovely. upside of anger. thirteen. intense movie. yeah a lot. so I had things to do i just felt so. disconnected.
so I figured out. the notes feature on my phone. well up until now i’d never had an iphone. and I figured out how to close the window app thingys. oh and my headphones connect. not earbuds. headphones. but it won’t download itunes. I know cause when I went to do so it wouldn’t. I have it on a comp. at my mom’s so. I’ll just do all that business there. evidently. it is able to somehow connect to my printer well it has that feature but my printer doesn’t have a um network name on it in the settings thing. and the phone charger doesn’t fit in the printer [sometimes they’re interchangeable phone chargers and stuff.]. but other then that. . . .yeah I’m really enjoying my new phone. my other phone is for making calls. this one is for notes and watching tv. online stuff. fb. the like. blogging. things like that.
oh i also watched ‘harriet the spy’. i have mixed feelings. it’s an intense movie for like a 9, 10 yr. old to watch [as that’s the age I was when I first saw it.]. halfway through. um so before the whole net thing happened. I watched via itunes half of sunset blvd. and a bit of hotel trans 3. it wasn’t very good. ‘sunset’ was interesting.
oh so I’m sore of course. nothing I’m not used to for the past. ever since mid-july. not feeling good. I’m just getting tired of it. just when i recover more from the concussions . . . and then. this. well when it rains it pours as they say.
oh i don’t think i mentioned this. but a few wks. ago i had my first, and so far only, cluster headache. weird i only had the one. i mean I’m glad I did. but yeah. weird. I asked mark and he said coup/countercoupe sounds more like a head injury then a brain injury.
there’s more on that, and in general but i’m tired. and stuff so. yeah I’ve been more tired then usual lately. of course. understandably.

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