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so my comp. is still. not working. thankfully. I have the iphone. er my iphone that is. so I figured out that
if I go to settings and then wifi the list of networks will show up. and from there just go to the printer one
and there we have it. iphones really are a delightful waste of time. [well
it’s not a waste if the person enjoys doing it.]. yeah i was on the app store and there are so many apps. it’s insane. I like the um. predictive text word feature. yeah comp. don’t have that when it comes to blogs blogging at least not that I’ve seen. and if they do I’ve not yet figured that out. not a huge deal and not asking. the keys are so close together on an iphone keyboard. thing.
ug so yesterday was long. and weird. yeah so at like 7 a.m. about between 7 and 8 I was in pain my upper left teeth inside by the molar might’ve been made worse by the fact that i was just wicked tired. um so I was queasy and. I i got some milk at the store that helped. and later I got choc. milk cause well i love it. did the salt water thing later more then usual cause of pain. I also got cheese. and um pasta. peppermint tea box. when I got back I slept for a couple hrs. er a few. oh i got tape and garlic. i also had bread earlier yesterday. essentially, i had a sandwich just.
i didn’t have the bread and cheese together. i put clove powder on that area. it sounds weird but it actually does help. that’s why I keep it in my purse. a container. and envelopes. Sorry that is. I also got envelopes. yeah i’ma mention that to dr lisa see what she says. about that area. the upper left by molar. um last night i had a bit of turmeric as it’s apparently supposed to help w/ pain. i haven’t noticed much difference but I haven’t taken a lot of it so.
think that’s it.

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