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Note: thanks for all the nice comments!!! So. Things hapoened that well . .. That makes me itchy so i plan on cleaning my room thoroughly. Mop,dust, clean off my dresser and my mirror. Clean off ...

July 15, 2019

No Nightmares

Another night of no nightmares bitches! Im so estatic i wanna cartwheel down to my school and rollerblade out.

July 15, 2019

Final Columbine Thing

I don’t think it’s right, we have seen the real life consequences of this. Let’s get depressing friendos… There have been a influx of teens and peeps in their early twenties falling in love with ...

July 14, 2019


Columbiners are kinda strange. I see them alot in the true crime community and I’ve watched many videos on them. Most of them bashing them. If you don’t know what a columbiner is, they are someon...

July 13, 2019

Fuck it

Fuck it. My ex had me on a schedule to maintain my health. Bedtime is 9:30 pm. Weekends it’s later if good. Three meals a day. No talking bad about myself. No suicidal thoughts. No harming myself...

July 13, 2019


Meant to post this yesterday morning. I woke up at about two in the morning today, right in the middle of a ongoing dream turned nightmare. You’ll come to learn I have a very strange group of irr...

July 12, 2019

Reconigzed A Friend

My worse case scenario has unfolded, on one of the other journaling sites i use to archive all my journal entries i came across a name I recognize. I’m not going to say the name, or their gender...

July 11, 2019


So, he offered to replace my best friend as the person i can depend on. I’m sad to admit I’m scared, I’m scared what this means, I’m scared to reveal myself to someone knew after breaking up with...

July 11, 2019

Breakup & Dependant

So, my girlfriend broke up with me. I shouldn’t have gotten so attached, so excited to have someone who truly loved me for me. I was angry, really really angry. She led me on for a week knowing s...

June 16, 2019

Overall Update

Things have been kinda okay with me and my girlfriend. She’s younger but not that much, only a few months. I don’t know if I should talk about her on here. She’s very self conscious and I’m keep...

May 30, 2019

For Her

I got a girlfriend now. She’s beautiful. But I’m not good enough for her. I just. I need. I need to lose weight for her. Meals are being shipped as I spend my time texting her hours in length. Sh...

May 14, 2019


I’m really starting to think my ex was right about the overwhelming lonliness. I feel so lonely it’s like I’m being eaten alive. I hate it so much it makes me want to scream. He almost killed hi...

May 13, 2019


Is it wrong to still feel like you actively destroyed someone mentally, when you both where young and dumb. My ex is a wonderful person and he is still very protective over me. However I know our...

May 11, 2019


Have you ever felt incredibly lonely for no reason at all? And before you know it, the thought has become a constant reminder of your own loneliness so much so you start to just shrivel up inside...

May 11, 2019


I cannot wait to watch the new Ted Bundy movie. I love crime dramas and thrillers, mostly due to my own paranioa and anxiety of incidents happening to me.

May 10, 2019

Hi (^^)

Hello, my name’s Honi and I am still kind of used to this journal thing. I don’t want to be awkward here so I’ll make it quick. This account is my secret along with my other journal site accounts...

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