RAD: Much Older Anderson Cooper in These Foolish Things

  • Oct. 9, 2020, 11:53 a.m.
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Name: Much Older Anderson Cooper (Moac? haha)

Introduction Platform: Bumble. We messaged a few times, he called me on the phone and suggested we meet on the city trail over by [cool restaurant with lovely patio]. He told me that he wanted to walk with me on the trail to see if we had a connection and then maybe meet for drinks or dinner on a later date (kept reiterating that sitting on a patio is NOT for first dates…ooookayyyy. I think he just didn’t want to shell out any cash in case it didn’t work out).

Age: Profile said 59, but then when you click around and read into the profile it said 63, but then when I met him he looked and seemed more like 70!??? I know for sure that he’s older than 63. There’s nothing wrong with being older, I just wish he didn’t try to fool people with his profile. It’s jarring to see someone who’s so much older than their profile states.

Relationship Status: He beat around the bush a little on that one. The only thing that I got was that he’s single and available (possibly divorced, possibly widower). One grown child and one grandbaby.

Job: Geologist, but was in tech back in the day. I think he’s retired and doing consulting.

Lives: In a suburb close to a lake. Seems to be a big boating guy.

Length of Date: 30 minutes

We Did: Short walk on the city trail

He Looked: He’s very handsome…but he’s older than his photos. I’m guessing that 90% of the photos he posted in his profile were from 20+ years ago. Still, a full head of snow white hair which was stunning, beautiful dimples and a very fit, if not slim, body. A little smaller than I like.

I Looked: I’d planned my work outfit to be comfortable enough to go for a nice evening walk - but not to get sweaty! So I wore a breezy, flowy skirt, tank top and flat sandals. And yes, I brought the dog for the walk :)

Convo: Bad from the get-go. Nothing clicked conversationally. He’s a nice guy, but started off with rapid-fire questions that were all over the place. I sort of forced him to slow down so I could get an answer out and actually turned the conversation to where I was asking a lot of the questions, but…uuugghhh. This guy gave me anxiety!

High Point: Being outside. That was it. Not the sight of him or the walk or the talk was good or enjoyable. Martini didn’t even really like it.

Low Point: All of it. Nothing was really right with this date. I hate to say that because I like to think that I can pull something good out of every meeting, but I couldn’t from this. And I didn’t force myself to try.

How It Ended: I could tell that he wanted to go for a looooong walk as he asked to go in the “longer” direction. I knew it was going to get dark soon and told him that I really didn’t want to be walking on the trail after it got dark for various reasons (mainly, I didn’t want to be walking with HIM in the dark and it’s also dangerous after dark), so I asked if we could turn around after 15 minutes. He was agreeable and we went back to the spot where we met and stopped and looked at each other and I was like, “OK! BYE!!” And split!

Chances Are: No.

Date Rating: Fail.

Aftermath: Strangely, he sent me a text this morning with a screenshot of my FB profile. He told me that I came up as a friend suggestion and he told me that I seem “cool” and felt like we were both reserved yesterday. He suggested that we let our dogs meet at a different park where we could relax more and have better conversations. What?
Just sent him a text saying that I didn’t feel a connection and felt we both struggled a bit to communicate but wished him best of luck. Whomp. Whomp.

Complicated Disaster October 09, 2020

IMHO if someone is willing to lie about their age on a dating profile it's a red flag their honesty in general! Xx

Ginger Snap Complicated Disaster ⋅ October 09, 2020

Yeah. I had a feeling about this one.

permanent daylight Complicated Disaster ⋅ October 09, 2020

I agree... any sort of lying about who you are to get a foot in the door = no

Gangleri October 09, 2020

Ah, the Facebook stalker function.

Elaine Benes October 09, 2020

I find Anderson Cooper super hot but not if he was 70 (and I’m not!). Bummer.

Ginger Snap Elaine Benes ⋅ October 09, 2020

Yes! I love Anderson Cooper - that’s what stood out to me in his profile photos. Guy has looks going for him, for sure. But he’s clearly used that as a bonus for a long, long, LONG time!

bobbi01 October 09, 2020

Ugh. I don't get why guys set themselves up for failure like that.

Complicated Disaster bobbi01 ⋅ October 09, 2020

*and girls!

The Thirsty Oriental October 09, 2020

Wow haha

girl in recession October 09, 2020


Marg October 10, 2020

Well now I want to go to that park where you relax more and have better conversations! Sounds like a great place! :)

Ginger Snap Marg ⋅ October 10, 2020

Haha! It does, doesn't it? Just not with him!

Jinn October 11, 2020

Definitely a no :-)

WhatDreamsMayCome October 12, 2020

I once dated a woman I met online. We went out at least a half dozen times. It finally came out that she was older than me (which really didn't matter to me) but she 'lied' because "as a woman, that over 50 break point really closes the door on opportunity." This was over ten years ago. Gender really doesn't matter. People will be people.
Wishing you good luck.
(Personally, I don't get the AC thing.) ;-)

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