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A few moths ago I went shit crazy on him. I know the instant it happened and i couldn’t stop myself.... He had made me upset. I honestly don’t remember what about. I just remember him ignoring th...

March 15, 2018

Tired Again in An outlet from life

Am I really so desperate. Am I different? What the fuck? He is back from his trip and right now i feel lonelier than when he was gone. Neglected and rejected. He sleeps early and wakes up early...

He works in the industry… It was never this tough.... but now.... Sex, drugs and perception. That’s what he is around. That’s the industry. I always new he worked around it but never did I ever...

Wish he looked at me the way I look at him… Does he?

September 17, 2017

Trust in An outlet from life

Trust is the hardest thing to keep. Since the “incident” I have this uneasy feeling… I look at him and I completely trust him. And then something so insignificant that other wise would not affect...

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