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October 12, 2020

Homelessness in Current Events

I stopped tracking all the places that I have applied to. I know that I’ve applied to multiple departments within certain places. Of course, that’s not what is weighing me down. I was reminded ye...

Bev cooked up a vegan thanksgiving yesterday. She hosted it at her boyfriend’s parent’s house because they have a dishwasher. The address was right across from where I grew up. I didn’t recognize...

October 11, 2020

Counter Culture in Politics

Conservatism is the new counter-culture. It is the new punk rock. The left has reigned long enough. It’s punk to wait until marriage to have children. To marry the father of your child. It’s punk...

October 11, 2020

Gnostic in Spiritual Journey

In Gnosticism, we are in the underworld. We are spiritually dead. We are imprisoned in matter, our eternal souls were coiled and trapped inside mortal flesh by a false God who enslaved us to our ...

October 10, 2020

The Situation in Current Events

What I thought was just a goal turned out to be a command. My mistake. My country, Canada, is in a record recession that is only getting worse, is in the middle of a pandemic that is only getting...

October 09, 2020

Rock Bottom Blues in Current Events

I’m made of lead in the mornings. I’m too heavy to move. Last night I had a panic attack only I didn’t have the panic. I’m absent fear when I have anxiety and panic attacks. I’ve lived with this ...

October 08, 2020

The Ego Battle in Current Events

The biggest and badest covert narcissist that I have in my life is myself. My ego. I’m struggling to hang on to my narrative. My mind is trying to contextualize myself into being a perfect victim...

Liberal Privilege 1) Believing you have the right to control other people’s lives 2) Believing you have the right to never hear other opinions 3) Believing that when you’re offended others have t...

October 08, 2020

Death to the Dollar in Politics

Well well well. We have been wondering where my Prime Sinister has been getting his money from. I assumed China but I might have been wrong. The Bank of Canada has been printing just a little bit...

October 07, 2020

Moderna in Politics

Moderna is at the front of the COVID-19 vaccine. It’s short for Modified RNA. They have never produced medicine for a human before and they have never produced a vaccine for humans before either ...

October 07, 2020

Prime Sinister in Politics

I wake up at decent hours but I don’t want to let go of the peace that one has when they wake up. That moment before we open our eyes and boot up. I then lay in bed for hours and waste my whole m...

I am trying to be cordial in my interactions with SJW’s about White Fragility in my empath group. It’s not as easy as I thought. That book is a cult manual. That is the best description I’ve hear...

A PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is different from a PCR test. Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR differentiates the PCR from the PCR tests (the standard test we’re currently using to dete...

A PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is different from a PCR test. Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR differentiates the PCR from the PCR tests (the standard test we’re currently using to dete...

All mood no context. I have mood poisoning. To quote the overrated Beyonce I woke up like this. I suppose the dread I am experiencing is just my lack of control. I don’t have control of Toni and ...

October 05, 2020

Red Pill in Current Events

It was painful to watch another content creator that I like fall for lefts fake narratives. He’s so brilliant how can he not be aware of his own confirmation biases? He’s doing shitty sensemaking...

October 04, 2020

Not So Gay in Current Events

I had an interesting dream. I was at a vacation spot with my relatives. My mother’s cousins. In the dream, I was debating heavily about treating my same-sex attraction and signing up for conversi...

October 02, 2020

Le First Interview in Current Events

My nerves are hitting me. I’ll be vulnerable during the job interview and I suppose my mind feels threatened about it. There is no threat. Worry and excitement are the same experiences in the bod...

I measure my eyes by the moon. How much detail can I see? Is it a blob or can I see it’s many shadows? The moon is full and the sky is clear and I felt compelled to stand outside and observe the ...

October 01, 2020

All in a Day in Current Events

My day starts around noon. That is the result of my tossing and turning all night. I can hear my roommates waking up as I fall asleep. I wake up feeling defeated because I have lost my morning ro...

October 01, 2020

Body Talk in Current Events

There are five sheaths of body: Annamaya Kosha - Food Body Manomaya Kosha - Mental Body Pranamaya Kosha - Energy Body Vignanmaya Kosha - Wisdom Body Anandamaya Kosha - Bliss Body Your physical bo...

September 30, 2020

Les Speecho in Current Events

I skipped the rally against this overreach of power from our government to watch Erin O’Toole’s first speech in Parliament… oh… my… god! Chandler Bing. He said everything we couldn’t get off our ...

September 30, 2020

Le Debate in Current Events

Everyone I consume politics from is going to be talking about the debate. I want to air out my thoughts before I hear what they have to say. Was it a shit show? I, for one, wasn’t surprised that ...

September 29, 2020

Inner Ecology in Current Events

I feel flustered. I feel like I was just called to the principal’s office after doing something wrong. I suppose I am feeling some guilt about a few personal failures. It would be easier if I had...

September 28, 2020

Intellectual Dark Age in Mindset Monday

It’s just a little past my bedtime. It’s six in the morning and I figure that I might as well give up at this point. I’m not tossing and tortured, per se, I’m just unable to manage the psychologi...

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