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Last week was long and full of terrors. It was long because I got addicted to gaming. I found an old PS3 game that my brother in law lent me called Resonance of Fate and I’ve put in maybe, 40 hou...

2 days ago


A visual representation of me the last few days

September 08, 2019


I am a little flustered. Hetal sent me a snap last night of the Dwarka Temple. I wanted to cry because that made my day. That temple is at the top of my bucket list to visit. When I met Hetal and...

September 07, 2019


I don’t have the energy to produce any receipts but I did just get that trim after all. I don’t know why I felt so nervous. Anyways, it’s alright but it’s not enough. I know that now. I took Jen’...

September 06, 2019

Confessions of a Drama Queen

I want to be in a good mood today. I saved all of my self-care routines for today. Trimmed my facial hair, manscaped, I manicured (paws & claws), exfoliated head to toe, cleaned up my eyebrow...

I think that I am about to break a world record for the most amount of selfies in one Prosebox entry I have a fantasy about me becoming a writer. I have a lot of great stories that I want to tell...

September 02, 2019


Music doesn’t stir up my insides the way that it used to. I used to have a playlist for every occasion. I was so passionate about it. I couldn’t do anything without my music playing. I heard tha...

September 01, 2019


I realized something the other day. I miss making people laugh. I miss being around people. I need to get out and socialize but not with my current group of lame friends. If I was brave enough I ...

August 30, 2019

Cersei Lannister

My brother in law comes home today. That usually generates some self-induced anxiety about my life. I don’t know what it is about him that makes me feel so pressed about my situation. I need that...

August 29, 2019

I Drive Myself Crazy

You know how I talk about Grindr like I am better than the people who use it? Then how I always come off as a slut-shaming queen? Well, I am going to try really really hard not to do that today. ...

August 27, 2019


It actually takes a lot of work for me to be cool, calm and collected because my default setting for so long was cross, crass and chaotic. I experienced everything so intensely and I was very rea...

August 26, 2019

4 months unemployed

Today is my four-month anniversary of when I was let go from my previous place of employment. I had that job for thirteen years. That job was almost my whole life for thirteen years. I spent a lo...

August 26, 2019

I've Seen It All

I woke up to a text from my mother. It was a screenshot of a post my brother wrote about me on Facebook. I deactivated my account 11 months ago so I suppose that this is the only way that I will ...

August 24, 2019

Sister Update

The US Department of Agriculture is reviewing their US Dietary Guidelines for 2020 and they just had an open forum in which 72 people were selected to speak to the USDA committee. Last night I st...

August 22, 2019


K you guys, this is the third night now that I need to sleep with a light on because I was a fool and I watched a little video about a little twitter story called Dear David. Why did I do that? I...

August 21, 2019


Something peculiar happened this morning. My sister Melissa texted our sister Miranda, her twin, about if she would be coming over for a visit this upcoming weekend. Melissa’s phone began to ring...

August 20, 2019


I am thinking about finding me a nice new shade of lipstick. Scarlet? I want to at least look pretty when my anxiety and depression gang bang me. I haven’t had anything to say the last few days....

August 17, 2019

My Ancient Herstory

“Nostalgia is a time when you knew your place.” I’ve been wanting to walk around the neighbourhood that I grew up in all summer. The one that we moved to when I was eight. Everywhere that I lived...

August 15, 2019

Angels on the Moon

It became obvious what my problem is, it hit me yesterday while I was getting ready to head out. Anxiety. My mind is not experiencing anxiety, my body is. I like to take the edge off of life with...

August 13, 2019

Hunger Games

It’s almost 1am and I can’t sleep. This happened last night too. I don’t understand what is going on with my body. My appetite is insatiable and not in the oh it’s so cute that I’m always hungry ...

August 13, 2019

Eye Candy

I feel like a dirty old pervert because I’ve enjoyed this performance a little too much. It’s at 2:55 when I got flustred lol It’s NSFW

August 12, 2019

Tongue pop

After my little meltdown in my previous entry, I started to wonder about the levels of bacteria in my body. Do I have candida? A lot of people live with it without even knowing so I was aiming to...

August 10, 2019

Power Down

Lately, I have been getting so frustrated with my body. My knee started to hurt when I went for a run earlier… joint pain? Like, really?! I really am 49 in gay years. I don’t think I can keep up ...

August 10, 2019


My grandmother is battling a bad lung infection. I was woken up by my sister yesterday, my grandmother has her listed as an emergency contact, she was informed that my grandmother was rushed to t...

August 07, 2019

Neurotic Mess

I started to have a panic attack this morning, the timing was so awful because I was alone with my nephew. He was asleep and I was just praying that he would stay asleep until my sister returned ...

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