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September 19, 2020

Chapters in your book... in Free Therapy

Sometimes you turn the pages in your book and it is something you expected. For example, you spend a crazy amount of time with this thing growing inside of you and BAM the next chapter is you lea...

September 16, 2020

I'm so thankful! in Free Therapy

The strangest thing happened this morning. When I woke up, I felt amazing. I have felt this way every morning since July 26th but each and every time I am still a little bit amazed and surprised ...

September 12, 2020

Cancer... in Free Therapy

It is so weird all the different balls that life can throw at you. I hope and pray that cancer will not be one for me, however I have this feeling that I will get it some day. It kind of feels li...

September 07, 2020

The most amazing thing... in Free Therapy

Oh boy, how do I start this one? All of my entries in this diary have been very heavy. I was in such a deep dark place and I was trying to find my way out. I spent days/weeks/months in bed wishin...

July 05, 2020

My BFF in Free Therapy

TW, this has death in it. So if you read my first entry here you are well aware that school was not a very pleasant experience for me. My BFF of course was not in my grade. I knew of her before, ...

I don’t know where I am going to be going with this, I am just letting my fingers glide across the keyboard. I am sorry to my friend that I did not include a warning with my last entry. I was jus...

July 01, 2020

Looking back... in Free Therapy

Okok, so the craziest thing happened to me. The year 2020. OMG where the heck did this all come from? I knew things were going too well. I just KNEW it. But who knew that 2 weeks would turn into ...

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