I'm so thankful! in Free Therapy

  • Sept. 16, 2020, 8:20 p.m.
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The strangest thing happened this morning. When I woke up, I felt amazing. I have felt this way every morning since July 26th but each and every time I am still a little bit amazed and surprised by it. I guess when someone had spent as much time just wishing they were dead as I did, and how every morning was complete and total dread that I was still alive, waking up and having this amazing feeling inside might be something to get used to. No way, I don’t want to get used to it. I don’t want to take it for granted.

God loves you! He loves you more than you can imagine. I spent ages thinking he didn’t care one diddly for me, about me, anything. I have no idea why it took him so long, but all I can think is that in order to know great joy you need to know great sorrow, and he was getting the sorrow out of the way first.


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