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it’s been 8 weeks since i last saw him, and it was a slightly frustrating 8 weeks. an 8 week wait to climax..... not that i’ve not cum in that time.... i just like finishing what’s started with ...

June 25, 2019

it’s 2am.... in Everyday Things

and i’m laying here in the dark…desperately trying to stay awake. i have a random 5pm-1am shift tomorrow night and it’s been so long since i’ve worked that shift i’m not sure how i’m gonna stay a...

i’ve had a rough few days, and all of the accoutrements that go along with the big world are weighing heavy on kitten me </3

travelling to work today....and i get the devastating news that one of my agents has passed away (i’m a supervisor in a call centre) …and i’m just fucking ruined about it. :(

and i’m here just trying to find the positives in a single moment of my day. trying to find a reason, to push thru and not give up i know that every day can’t be sunshine, lollipops and rainbows…...

so excited to finally be here… but anxious af about getting back into writing. it’s been so long; will what i write be good? .... will it be trash? hard to know or say- but i guess we shall see!

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