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  • Aug. 1, 2019, 7:16 p.m.
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and it’s honestly only wednesday. well i guess it’s thursday now- but i started writing this late wednesday evening lol today is my last day of work for the week.
the buskers festival started yesterday, so i’m hoping to go tomorrow during the day when it might not be so crowded because people will be at work. the weather is still super hot but i’m told it’s supposed to rain and thunder this afternoon- i am hoping it takes away the humidity.

i still have this stupid summer cold but it’s finally starting to clear up, as long as i don’t have air conditioning or a fan blowing directly on me i don’t seem to cough my lungs out- but the humidity is brutal on breathing and my lungs.

but all things considered this week, i am still here among the living. heart break is a weird thing- but at the same time i’m okay, and i’m okay that someone is so willing to throw away 18 years of friendship- but then i am a bit sad and am still stuck a little bit on why i don’t seem to be enough for anyone to really make me their first and only choice. i guess that’s age for ya, cause there used to be a time where the hurt would have me to a point i’d have contemplated ending it all.

but today’s me is alright.

Disastrous Beauty August 02, 2019

I'm glad you're doing alright. Heartbreak is so effing hard.

Also, I feel you on the summer cold. We're dealing with that in my house too. It's like summer colds just NEVER really go away. Yuck!

ladyc Disastrous Beauty ⋅ August 02, 2019

i think i managed a full day and only coughed twice!!! lol

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