satisfied kitten ... if only for a moment in diary of a kitten

  • July 2, 2019, 6:30 p.m.
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it’s been 8 weeks since i last saw him, and it was a slightly frustrating 8 weeks. an 8 week wait to climax..... not that i’ve not cum in that time.... i just like finishing what’s started with someone else and the connection is so intense it makes everything that much better (he is my best friend and my first ‘daddy’). the minute he slid into me i began to cum around him and i was slightly mortified. then he put his hands around my throat and rode me over and over again. stop and pullout and tease me then slam back in and start the cycle over again. i lost count how many times i came..... i’m a bad kitten cause i was supposed to count.... but i’m sure he forgives me for it- i blew his mind with my mouth, just the way he likes it.

this all being said; the sex was fabulous as ever- but my challenge was staying focused in the moment on him. it’s hard when your first daddy dom isn’t the one you wish was inside you.. but for now, an itch is scratched.

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