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  • July 23, 2019, 3:23 a.m.
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woke up in a less than great head space, only to end up on busses with no ac (i also admit that sounds so first world problemish…but when it’s hot af outside and people insist on crowding into your limited personal space on a bus it’s an definite downer) and then to get to work to find out that i am getting mandatory phone time for the rest of the month- on top of all of my other work… the worst. i dropped my lunch container off my desk. and i hadn’t realized that the lid wasn’t screwed on all the way and spilled my lunch on the floor.... it was a bit of a bonus that i had other snacks with me but still, spilling an entire roast beef dinner on the floor was very sad- because for the first time in weeks: i was actually looking forward to a meal. i guess it’s back to just eating because i should… or not at all if nothing really appeals to me. i wish i didn’t have such a bad relationship with food sometimes- it’s either all or nothing: no in between.

i’m exhausted and ready to sleep…beyond glad today is over.

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