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  • July 17, 2019, 7:37 p.m.
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happy to have gotten home from work without getting caught in a down pour of rain. cause though it’s been super hot and muggy the last few days, it started raining here this afternoon.

today was the 2nd day of our annual summer days celebration at work: today’s food truck was an old fashioned ice cream truck. dairy is the last thing i should eat but i could not resist hoof print ice cream: the tiny caramel cups in it are delish!! it was worth being violently ill over afterward lol

got home and checked on my parents; they seemed to be doing ok today- no major issues or medical challenges today. my nanny is also feeling better today, so i’m glad about that too. mums an insulin dependant diabetic and her sugars have been all over the place lately and dads been having some minor muscle issues and soreness with his rebuilt shoulder as well the last weeks or so- so the fact that i came home tonight and everyone is good; is great news for me.

i’ve now managed to bathe and cuddle up with netflix and am gonna take advantage of a relaxing evening. xo

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