no daddy + absent fwb = alone play time in diary of a kitten

  • July 18, 2019, 7:47 p.m.
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sometimes day dreams are where it’s at....

having negotiated a fwb situation, i thought would make this a whole lot easier..but apparently it does not. so here i am, wanting to be trussed up properly and owned but being ghosted.
if i had really allowed myself into the day dream i’d likely be able to feel the soft fibres of the rope biting into my flesh which is incredibly hot. the process of it is a turn on for me- the gentle touches as my partner twists and binds the ropes around my body, the tugging as confirmation the knots are secure. i try hard to not squirm because i don’t want to interrupt the zen process of it… but it tends to be my favourite part of play time, along with the sex that comes too.

talking about it now, has my body broke out in goosebumps.... and my knickers wet ^..^

i’m finally on my way home from work… perhaps i will give in and indulge myself.... but it’s really not as fun alone.

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