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Rain much of the day. Max has been crawling around inside my shirt and I’m not sure why I just hope that she did not lay any eggs on me. If she wants to take a nap inside my shirt, fine but crawl...

In mild forms, I have what I Think of at times an addictive personality. Fortunately, I spent a lifetime trying to give up things. I used to enjoy alcohol but I was often in denial of how it was ...

“The USA is becoming the land of the stupid and brainless.”

3 days ago

April 8

Recently, I’ve had dreams of desire with some woman I could not identify or maybe more than one in different settings. I suspect the subconscious can blend people together to make indistinct face...

4 days ago

Quotes About Aging

This morning I was reading about a crime that happened and the victim was what they labeled a “senior citizen“ age 66. I was a bit shocked because in a few months, I’ll be 69. I have joked much a...

5 days ago

Da Vinci

5 days ago

Paid By The Hour;-)

That just came to me tonight. I am doing it in so many ways. My treadmill means much to me symbolically as well as physically. It’s there in the living room. I have to use it. I walked for over 6...

6 days ago

Past Cudgel

I have come to see how many people, including myself at times have used events in someone’s past as a punishment for them as a cudgel. We beat them with something that happened in the past, and s...

April 04, 2024

GET A ROOM!(video)

April 03, 2024

April 3

My day started energetically. Left the bedroom, the headphones on listening to my latest favorite song. It got my limbs moving in my head bobbing. After my usual morning routine, I drove over to ...

On this journal site, I often read about people talking about going into therapy needing to go into therapy or being in therapy. That or this is just a small sampling on the Internet and of human...

April 01, 2024

April 1

30 years ago, I got married. A little less than four years after that, I got divorced. It’s all the story I told so many times I’m tired of hearing myself think it, but the basic is I was fooled ...

What to keep and what to let go. Every mundane school day and workday. Should I keep it or not? Automatically, I keep the traumas. They are very hard to throw out of the box. When I remove them,...

March 31, 2024

The Redeemer

(Yes I know, according to some on here, I am going to hell for this. Oh well. If so, I will be laughing with hordes of others.)

March 31, 2024


March 30, 2024

Maxi And I again(video)


A better person that is. As people might get sick of hearing, I worked in a factory most of my life, and I learned a lot I learned how horrible people can be. But much of that was on me in my you...

March 29, 2024


Bonus - Love

March 28, 2024

March 28

I told my brother-in-law that I keep a journal and he got anxious sounding that I would write something controversial or troublesome and I told him no I’m the most boring person on that journal s...

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