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  • July 4, 2024, noon
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This morning, I woke angry. Which is very weird because it was from a dream. Leftovers from a long lost job. I was inspecting wood, and there were people that wondered why I was so slow compared to some of them that did it much faster. In the dream I blew up in anger yelling at the person. Some anonymous entity, my mind had made up. It was the same old thing I used to tell my critics that you cannot do a good job inspecting when you are moving too fast. You miss details. Details of weakness in the material. In the dream I was raging, and I wanted to find the owner of the company and tell him I was quitting. In the dream, I passed by an old friend that recently passed away, and I did not stop talk to him, but it was good to see him. I did not find the owner of the company that I could rage at. I got lost and find myself walking along the highway. I could not find my way back to the factory. But I was so angry. Leftover emotion from a toxic workplace. I’m sitting in bed, peaceful understanding the dream. Old memory with the old emotion. The factory is gone, and I hope I never encounter the former owner of that place again because my God, that son of a bitch was such an asshole. I enjoyed inspecting wood. There seemed so much beauty in what I had to cut out what was defective. The good pieces were bland without blemish, which showed they were strong. But it is ironic it was the beauty I cut out and put in the scrap pile. I enjoyed being very good at that job doing quality work. At times have reflect on if there are any of the wooden ladders left being used my company made those ladders are good quality in part because of the wood I inspected to make them with.

I feel the great sense of peace after writing this. I’ve tried to repress thoughts and memories of that factory that was a part of my life promotion my life. Sometimes there is a joy in my dreams, taking me back there because I’m able to see some people that were good. Like buddy. He lives on in memory and dreams of those who knew him through his goodness and humor. A good way to be remembered.

CapturedBeauty July 04, 2024

This entry brought up a lot for me Scott. What resonates is the undertone of things. For example. I am a fairly quiet person, not with people I’m close to. But when people try to tell me how something should be done or how I should do something. I find now I’m a bit hard headed. It rubs me the wrong way, they lack awareness that I operate the way I want to and for a reason.

Your old boss failed to see an important quality in you, observation and need to take your time to do a job well done was seen inaccurately. I imagine you are and were incredibly hardworking and put thought and took pride in your expertise. Thank you, for this quality 😊

Scott CapturedBeauty ⋅ July 04, 2024

So much of factory production is about piece work speed. Cost of material and labor time needed to do a job. When I first started working at the ladder factory, it was all piece work for inspecting wood. Pressure to "make rate". OR get fired - of which I was often threatened with. I was told I was slow and lazy and yet I lasted 43 years there. I was the last person in the USA to DO that job. When they often had people working there that would not look at the material and let defects go through BUT THEY MADE RATE! Yeah but I did not want to make a defective product. None of the supervisors had done the job except for the last boss I had. He did it when I was not there and saw what it was like. I was told by the first owner (when I hired in) in the last years of the factory, that I had saved the company much money by making it so they won lawsuits brought against it for bad ladders. No you stupid sonofabitch! YOU USED IT WRONG! Happens often. My father was a professor of Forestry and Wood Technology at the UM in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He did consultation work for that first owner. How I got the job. His students were often hired to do inspection work. Then one day Dad was asked if he had any students that needed a job and ...NO BUT I HAVE A SON THAT DOES! I enjoyed taking samples of wood over to my dad's house. He got excited about things like that. I still do. I see wood and my mind goes into analysis of it. 43 years of that and it sticks with me. One thing I am sure you can relate to, do not tell someone how to do a job if you do not know shit about it ;-) I tried to explain to them that every piece of wood was different like having it's own personality. Wow...did I dig into THIS comment! ;-) Thanks SO much for your kind words, positive assumptions and belief in me.

CapturedBeauty Scott ⋅ July 04, 2024

You’re welcome Scott. I love seeing people passionate about things. I have no idea of wood or how to determine its quality. What I do know is I’d love to hear you teach me about it, for the simple fact of your passion regarding it. Thanks for sharing a part of yourself with us!

Scott CapturedBeauty ⋅ July 04, 2024

Unless you are buying wood for something the knowledge is irrelevant. I only learned the codes for ladder material but have a good basic idea of what is strong and weak when purchasing wood. Most of the stuff we see in home improvement places is crap. I once got the wood for someone to build my house a porch. I sorted through much wood and pissed off the shop workers!

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