Lately my flag is white in Old

  • July 6, 2024, 8:11 p.m.
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So many Americans have this very strange to me habit of flying the American flag on their property. It seems to be everywhere and I often tell myself yes it looks like I live in the USA.

I think it would be amusing to put a nice simple white flag in front of my house and when someone ask what it means, I can say “I surrender“.

I surrender because I’m tired of fighting so much. I surrender because I’m tired of the conflict and arguments in life. All the fights about one will over another.

I surrender to the price of car and home insurance because even if I shop around, they will all be high.

I surrender to giving a fuck about politics and no the only thing I can do is vote and not worry myself sick worrying about the other guy winning.

I need to surrender to the idea that I am going to die. There was always a contradiction in me about wanting to die, but recently I want to live so much but if death comes please it’s OK if I die, but for fucks sake, somebody please take care of my birds and give them a good life.

I was recently reading about suicides in that so many seems so happy before they kill themselves because they surrender they give in they give up on life and welcome an end.

I surrender to no more conflict with my past and I accept it. No more trying to relive it or redo it in my mind.

I surrender to so much because I am saner than I have ever been in my life and I’m tired of kicking and screaming through life. Life death I’m not going to fight either of you anymore. And that surrender brings me peace.

I surrender to the idea that I can only change myself and not others, and that surrendering sets me free.

Deleted user July 06, 2024

I love this entry. Thank you for sharing 🙏🏾

Scott Deleted user ⋅ July 06, 2024

You are welcome. It was rather spontaneous with tongue in cheek. But it all comes down to many of us need to just relax and into life and quit going through life kicking and screaming. I will now surrender to the stench of a skunk going through my yard because I’ll be damned if I go out and try to scare it away🤣

FragileGlass July 07, 2024


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