July 3 in Old

  • July 3, 2024, 9:41 p.m.
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Big push to clean my house as much as I can before my birthday. I called my oldest brother, and we joked about nothing new. Which is good. At our ages, we talk about health. Is everyone OK? I admire my sister and her husband because they can drive 1 hundreds of miles to a cottage up north with no problem and they are both older than I am. Driving 5 miles for me is a big adventure. I have joked about having a hobby of cleaning up bird shit but it’s a constant thing I have to watch for.

I called my brother-in-law and we had a nice talk. It was good to hear another human voice like that two in one day.

I signed up for the site classmates again with a very short profile blurb, and the same photo I use here. Previously, someone had written a shit memory about me and I left the site but then I saw they’re doing that says much about them not me. I did this I think as a way of facing some kind of fear, perhaps ridicule fear. I looked at a few photos of former classmates that I can’t remember because it was a very large class and I was thinking wow they got old! Not me I’m still young.

I did not watch the big debate last week because I figured it would be a cluster fuck. It was and now I find it very surreal that a pathological liar that intends to be a dictator and destroy democracy may be our next leader. Incredulity. I do wish Biden would exit and retire and a younger more energetic person run for president in his place. It’s just hard for me to believe anyone could support that monster Trump.

I’m not anxious about what may happen next November. I am concerned, but I cannot do anything about it except vote. I do believe that no matter what happens there will be considerable horror. I may become homeless if the right wing kills Social Security. I am millions of others. There is nothing positive or good about Trump possibly becoming leader again.

I’ve been quiet lately, not using Facebook not messaging other people. I gave up on a Russian friend because she was always busy and I was not.

I have no interest in the American Independence Day celebrations. All it is is noise to me. Due to the possible happenings of next November, I feel very apathetic about so much in life. I guess it’s healthy to not give a shit about celebrities or so much of the happenings in other peoples lives.

More intense housework tomorrow. just another day for me, but they working in the house feels good. I told my brother-in-law today that one of the words I use frequently is “was“. He said he could relate it on a positive note he said as that is the case it’s time to find something interesting to do to actually do a new experiences to live. Right on.

CapturedBeauty July 03, 2024

I think it’s great you are staying busy, connecting with loved ones, challenging yourself to face what seems like a lot of uncertainty. I hope you rest well and wake up tomorrow, ready to tackle another day! 😊

Scott CapturedBeauty ⋅ July 04, 2024

Thank you for all for all your kindness.

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