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  • Nov. 22, 2022, 12:01 p.m.
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Mom is hosting Thanksgiving this year and both of my biological siblings are coming! Yay! Roommate is having lunch with his Mom, so I’m hoping when he heads out later, we can stop at the grocery store and grab a Pecan pie for me to bring. Too late, I already ordered it on instacart. I thought about it for like…5 minutes?
I’m just listening to a new podcast and thinking.
We need better wifi so I can work from home. I also need to figure out if I’m gonna apply for unemployment or set up the video appointment with disability; I’m just so tired. It’s all so confusing and maybe I should just give it to my mom to figure out; she wants to help and me being so independent is just drawing it all out way too much. It’s not helping anyone and I’ll just get stressed.
This honestly needs to stop. I can’t even do the basics of walking and talking? Unacceptable.
Roommate just came home. He’s social and I’m not. A lot of the time, I only go out of my room because I know he prefers it. I prefer to be mostly alone, but I also get super bored.
I would have so much to do in organizing and decorating my room if I had any balance.
Basically, when I get off my bed and have to “walk” somewhere, it just feels scary and dangerous. I can’t do ANYTHING and I’m sure others just think I’m lazy.

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