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  • Oct. 29, 2022, 8:32 p.m.
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Mom is coming at some point tomorrow after church.
I suppose it’s time (Monday) to figure out the whole Mass General thing and make an appointment, because I really need to function on a basic level to get a new job. Sigh.
I’m finding that the more I watch horror/paranormal stuff, the more bored I’m getting, and I don’t really believe in the paranormal anymore; I guess I’m not saying I don’t BELIEVE it, but I’ve never witnessed an occurrence, so it doesn’t really scare me lately. I also don’t care about aliens? I’m pretty sure they’re real, but, again, they’ve never personally affected me. So idc? I feel like there are worse and more present things to worry about, like finances, my health, racism, homophobia, etc. Why even bother adding in the other stuff? The world/life is scary enough as it is.
Bedtime for me, since I have to see Mom tomorrow.

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