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“I’m cruisin’ for a peep!”-Wine&Crime
(aka my favorite murder/comedy podcast)

I got my new glasses and finished the contact-ordering process today, so I’m excited about that. I love the way the new frames look, but if I could have figured out the measurements/sizing, they wouldn’t already be slipping…Cannot wait until my contacts arrive and my glasses will mostly be a thing of the past.

My mom moved back to New England from Florida and wanted to live together so she could “take care of” me. I understand the impulse, but NO WAY and I’m of the belief that once a parents’ child is an adult, they should be able to finally live their own lives. It’s nice to offer, but I don’t want that kind of support. However, she found a condo to buy! Dad and Donna (stepmom) are coming Saturday afternoon so he can put up shelves in our kitchen (he made the offer to my roommate, so why not?).

I’m currently bingeing a Polish show called “The Woods”. I was re-watching S1 of Winx so I could watch the new season, but I didn’t even make it through S2E1…it was bad. I also just watched the most recent season of “The Sinner”; it’s not bad, but season 1 of that show was stellar.

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