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  • Oct. 28, 2022, 12:16 p.m.
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My results are back from the blood draw, but idk what they mean, but probably nothing. The neurologist’s office called to schedule a follow up…for March. Bro, I can’t just live like this…and I need a new job in Jan at the latest! So I need this to be figured out, because there’s literally nothing I can do; my normal motor functions don’t work? Like when I was still working, I made mistakes because my fingers would just spazz. I knew I was making mistakes, but I couldn’t help it and then took longer fixing everything. Sigh.
Listening to this week’s episode of Wine & Crime “Tech Bro Crimes”, a live show from San Fran with all 3 gals. I’m a patreon-supporter of the show and they do a monthly Happy Hour, which is them on video for just the supporters. I forgot and they made it 1/2 hr earlier than usual, so I missed the first half hour and it was Kenyon’s first time back since her pregnancy leave! So happy for her, her baby is so beautiful and now she can play with Leona!
All of the huluween specials…are things I’ve seen before. That’s apparently the curse of being a year-round horror junkie? HOWEVER, I grew up with a super religious Mom, so I never got to celebrate Halloween (The Devil’s birthday), watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. any of the National Lampoon movies, Forest Gump (sex scenes), any Austin Powers movies, The Great Mouse Detective (mouse’s dress is too short in one part), the drawing scene of Titanic etc. I also wasn’t allowed to believe in Santa or the Easter Bunny…

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