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September 13, 2018

from the 2nd - the 8th

um so on sun. the 2nd i did my laundry. on mon. valerie didn’t come. as usual cause yes it is becoming ‘the usual’. on tues. - wed. i didn’t do anything. on thurs. i went to my mom’s. i. we went...

September 06, 2018

from the 19th - the 25th

uh. so on the 19th i did my laundry. on mon. well valerie didn’t come. on tues. did i go out tues.? i. don’t think i did. same w/ wed. thurs. i was at my mom’s. i went out. same w/ fri. and sat....

September 06, 2018

from the 26th - the 1st

the 26th which was sun. i did my laundry. on mon. valerie didn’t come. again. but what’s new there right? actually there is something new. on tues. i. oh yeah i went to my mom’s as she was going ...

August 15, 2018

from the 5th - the 11th

so on the 5th which was sun. i did my laundry. um. mon. i didn’t do anything. tues. - fri. same. and sat. i went to the store.

August 07, 2018

from the 29th - the 4th

um so the 29th i did my laundry. on mon. valerie didn’t come. so i didn’t do anything. same w/ tues. - fri. and on sat. i went to the store.

July 31, 2018

from the 22nd - the 28th

um. so on the 22nd which was sun. i did my laundry. on mon. valerie didn’t come. oh but i had a meeting [well a visit] w/ emily. that’s right that’s what happened. on tues. i went to the store. o...

July 24, 2018

from the 15th - the 21st

15th sun. i did laundry mon. valerie didn’t come. i don’t think. tues. 16th went to the store. wed. - fri. didn’t do anything. sat. went to the store.

sun. the 17th i. did my laundry. mon. valerie i got together. tues. i went out. i think. maybe. same w/ wed. thurs. i had my appt. did i? well anyway i was at my mom’s probably. same w/ fri. i we...

July 18, 2018

from the 24th - the 30th

so the 24th was sun. so i did my laundry. on the um following day which was mon. valerie i got together. i think. on tues. right so that was unexpected. well at 10:20 [a.m.] my mom calls. which i...

17th 23rd ^ ignore the above. those are just notes to myself. uh anyway. on sun. which was the 1st i. went out. i think. on the 2nd which was mon. i went out. on tues. the 3rd i. oh right i went ...

July 17, 2018

from the 8th - the 14th

on sun. which was the 8th my mom i went to her cousin jeff’ thing then rei. then i went to the arts fest. on mon. my mom i saw ocean’s 8. it was fun we liked it. o...

July 15, 2018

bbq arts fest.

so i’m drunk. as usual when i drink right? yes. right. as of recent anyway. right so after the.......ash.......spreading thing i. oh well we had the bbq at my mom’s. we h...

yeah so. like i said on Sun. which was like the 29th i think. we all went to my cousin Megan’s baby shower. she’s 4 months along due in nov. maybe like around the 7th. i thought Dad was coming bu...

right so like i mentioned. i also like um orchids. they stand for lust and elegance. um so. right on the 26th well at 10:20 a.m. i got a call from my mom. i, never answer the phone. i figure she’...

July 14, 2018

hey i'm back.

hey i’m back. well actually i got back yesterday but i didn’t write cause. reasons oh i was at my mom’s. also it’s fri. the 13th. i’m not superstitious. the only thing i’m superstitous about are ...

June 28, 2018

programming note.

‘programming note’ a s as though this is a tv show. no uh. if no one hears from me tom. - the 12th it’s cause i’m er i; i’ll be. yes i’ll be. at my mom’s. so yeah.

June 26, 2018

5.5 months.

well. it’s been 5 .5 5.5 months since my concussion. or like 23? wks.?

June 25, 2018

hiatial hernia.

ok so this is TMI. and also really bizarre. so on fri. or sat. i think it was. i had. a hiatial hernia while eating. holy crap it was bizarre. i’d never had one before and lasted only like a minu...

June 25, 2018

so jerry died again

[‘again’? what yall know zombies now? yes again.]. no uh for those of you who don’t know. 2 yrs. ago i wrote that jerry, a neighbor of’s my parents’ a tenant. of theirs had died....

June 25, 2018

trash explaining thing.

so. lk ku k like i put [my god i cannot freakin spell. well not w/ that attitude. there’s some quote about that. um anyway] i..........i said there was more on the trash. thing the trash. tak...

June 24, 2018

trash thing.

alrite well. i’ve put off writing about this long enough. so here goes. well the other day i guess it was. [yeah it would’ve been nearing 2 wks. ago.]. the lady took out my trash. yes my. trash. ...

June 21, 2018

stevie dream.

so stevie was. yes that’s right. was. [oh no what happened? well yall are about to find out] was my mom’s dog who left us back in oct. via the vet. he was. the best dog and i’m not even that big ...

June 18, 2018

21 wks.

well. it’s been 21 wks. since my concussion. or 5 months 1 wk.

June 17, 2018

going to baby shower

oh so. i think i maybe might’ve mentioned that. my parents were out of town recently and that was a reason why. i didn’t go out much those 2 wks. well they were in Iceland. yeah. anyway. so also....

well. it’s been 5 months since i sustained my concussion.

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