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  • Sept. 7, 2018, 2:52 p.m.
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Hey again everyone,

Oh my god the site has been so slow lately!


Ok, enough yelling. Whew. Sorry. I really needed to get that out of my system, it’s been a super frustrating few weeks. Thanks for listening.

So what the heck is going on?
I have pictures for this! So, remember when we upgraded the server to the latest version in late July? We turned off the daily restarts and it’s been humming along since then. Or so we thought..

Here’s a graph of load time in seconds from then until a few days ago:

Up means slower. That line is really frustrating.

So what the heck are you going to do to fix things?
Our current hypothesis is that while the server is running steadily and with much more stability than before, the new version is too much for the current setup.

Here’s CPU usage over the last 24 hours:

It’s pegged out, and it looks like that pretty much all the time these days. So, we’re upgrading. We’re going to double the specs on the server and keep an eye on how the site performs. If it goes well, we’ll bump it up more.

There will be some downtime Saturday (tomorrow)
We’ll unfortunately need to target noon central time due to the developer’s schedule. The site will be 100% turned off and turned back on again. Hopefully this will only take a few minutes. If you’re writing around that time, wait a bit before hitting save.

Huge thanks to everyone for your patience. We’re getting closer.



Last updated September 07, 2018

Truly Me September 07, 2018

You are amazing! It is so nice to be kept in the loop. Thank you <3

Ginger September 07, 2018

Thanks for the updates! The speed is up and down for me, but I should think everyone is just happy you care about the issues enough to provide communication and work to make it better!
Thanks for all you do!

Silverstar46 September 07, 2018

First, Mochi is the cutest and I love that picture.

Second, Thank you for keeping us updated and letting us know it frustrates you as well. It helps to know that you feel our pain and care! :)

Third, sounds like a job, but I'm glad you have a solution and again, thank you for working so hard on this. We appreciate you! :)

stargazing September 07, 2018

Thanks for letting us know what's going on! And for working on the problems! We appreciate it. :)

bobbi01 September 07, 2018

I was just blaming my shitty internet service! Good to know, Thanks

Lyn September 07, 2018

Thanks for all your hard work. May the sloths leave town!

Park Row Fallout September 07, 2018

Thanks muchly! Excellent use of graphs! I was expecting the slow graph to have an equally slower graph charting the time it took to create the slow graph... but that's just because that is my sense of humor :)

Firebabe Park Row Fallout ⋅ September 07, 2018

Dammit. This made me laugh.

history of love September 07, 2018

I definitely noticed the slowness so thanks for giving us the heads up.
Also much kudos for the time zone converter link - I know now when it's going down in UK time!
Mochi <3

Camdengirl history of love ⋅ September 07, 2018

Super nifty - I'm so nicking that next time I do an international presentation... Would solve lots of stupid queries!

EvequeFou Camdengirl ⋅ September 08, 2018

Try, where you can pick multiple time zones and send a deep link.

Newzlady September 07, 2018

We appreciate you!

TellTaleHeart September 07, 2018

This title cracked me up. Thanks for the update!

Firebabe September 07, 2018

It's cool man, it's cool. I've almost got my husband convinced that I need a new laptop, so no worries. LOL.

josh Firebabe ⋅ September 07, 2018

The secret new feature I've been working on is making the site slower for specifically you. Enjoy!

Firebabe josh ⋅ September 08, 2018

You're a peach. A devious, devious peach.

To the computer store!!

the inky kitty. September 07, 2018

Thanks for the update!

Cat Mommy September 07, 2018

I'm glad the slow speed is not going unnoticed. Thanks for keeping us in the loop!

dickson. September 07, 2018

girl in recession dickson. ⋅ September 07, 2018

Thisssssss 😂

simple mind dickson. ⋅ September 08, 2018

As the former guy in charge, that's pretty much the secret to my success.

NorthernSeeker September 07, 2018

Thanks for the update. Crossing my fingers the extra server does the trick.

EvequeFou NorthernSeeker ⋅ September 08, 2018

This is a notable point. It sounds like the site is currently running on a single server. Is it architected to support front- and back-end servers, and scaling the number according to load? Are you using a CDN for the static resources?

josh EvequeFou ⋅ September 08, 2018

The DB is split up and we're using S3 for the static stuff. Looking into load balancing and cloudflare as a next step

GypsyWynd September 07, 2018

I've noticed PB dragging the last few days. Thanks for keeping us informed as to what's going on. Being informed makes the situation a whole lot less frustrating, at least at this end......though maybe not so much for you.
Noogie smooches to Mochi.

rhizome September 07, 2018

i always appreciate a good graph. 10/10, very informative. :-)

Darkest Days, Brightest Nights September 07, 2018

Thanks for letting us know. :)

Deleted user September 07, 2018

Thanks for letting us know and good luck !

thesunnyabyss September 07, 2018

thanks! appreciate all the work!!!

Ginger Snap September 08, 2018

If nothing else, please know that I am in love with your dog!

Marg September 08, 2018

Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop - I need a new router so there's been no frustration at PB at this end 'cause I just thought the sluggishness was due to that!😁

Tempestuous1 September 08, 2018

Love the updates! Thank you for all you do! :)

sassafras September 08, 2018

Thanks for keeping us in the loop. You are great. :)

Coddiwomple September 08, 2018

Mochi looks a little sad that things have been so slow too.
Thanks for the heads up!

patrisha September 08, 2018

All those poor little sloths squashed in together! I feel so sorry for them....

I need tea. September 08, 2018


Complicated Disaster September 08, 2018

Can you put these updates on the FB page please. Helps for those of us in different time zones!!

josh Complicated Disaster ⋅ September 08, 2018

Will do!

Complicated Disaster josh ⋅ September 08, 2018


GlobalNomad September 08, 2018

I noticed that the site was down earlier. I figured it was undergoing maintenance.

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