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  • May 9, 2021, 5:39 p.m.
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I saw the first roses of the year on Thursday but this perfect one is from yesterday over on the other side of the river. We got in a car and went to the strolling neighborhood we used to go to when we needed an easy but interesting walk. The neighborhood is up on a bluff that looks over the river and the industrial development all along its north side.

Mrs. Sherlock fell this week riding her bike. It wasn’t a bad fall, but it shook her up and she is bruised. It took a lot for her to admit it to me. She was behind the group she was riding with and she recovered fast enough they did not know she fell. She hadn’t told me this when we were doing yoga together in my mat class on Friday.

Everybody has some sort of front or side garden over in this residential area of big houses and cottages. It is a nice mix. We were not wearing masks but kept our distance. We talked to dog walkers and people working on their cars and folks working in their raised beds. Mrs. Sherlock got some fresh radishes pulled directly from one of those beds at the insistence of the enthusiastic gardener.

There was much inspiration for our own garden and plot. One fellow sitting down weeding exclaimed, “Oh boy, you have come to help”. We laughed and cheered him on but admitted we were saving our energy for the home front. It is pretty amazing how much our knowledge has expanded in the few years since we started walking there.

I was telling Mrs. Sherlock how cool it was to learn about determinate and indeterminate tomatoes. She has had her garden for 45 years and did not know that. You learn what you need to know and then you try things. For me this last week it was thinning my carrots and having the remaining ones survive.

Today Kes came to visit and brought with her two tomato plants (one cherry and one other) and a basil plant. These tomatoes are indeterminate. My seedlings are determinate Early Girls.

We walked down to my plot. It is the first time she has seen it. Her energy is still pretty low, so we went slow. She was thrilled to see it, though. It is a very pretty community garden and I let her plant the basil.

I will decide If I can plant the big tomatoes deep enough in the bed in a few days.

There is a gardener with a number of plots on her 11th year, who said someone did have tomatoes in my plot before. The giant oak blocks out some of the sun so she said what I had in were good choices.

Yesterday morning was my 6th handstand club session. I looked at the program beforehand and was sort of relieved. Except for the 50 pushups at the end (you can do them in whatever format works for you and you do say 5 and then take a break) I was thinking oh I can do this… I am sore today in all the right places.

My forward bends are getting so much deeper (recovery after the fall) and I am learning to trust the progression. But then I looked ahead. Next week we are doing cartwheels.

Cartwheels!!! I am going to be 67 next month and I am not small. Cartwheels?

Running Frieda at the park yesterday 45 minutes after the club workout I was telling Mrs. Sherlock this and I kind of sort of tried one but my forearms said, uh, no, not an option, think again sweetheart.

Today I watched the tutorial. She breaks it down. You start low to the ground and do these little hops. I might be willing to try that. I am not crazy about hopping in general so this will be a challenge. It is going to be exhilarating if I can do this.


My iPad, my beloved iPad is acting wonky. Please wish it well. It is only two years old but has seen some heavy use. I can teach from my laptop, but the camera is not near as good.

There is never a dull moment when it comes to technology, is there?

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Jinn May 09, 2021

That rose is gorgeous ! Poor Mrs. Sherwood . That fall would be traumatic.
If someone had tomatoes in your plot before you might need to add some extra fertilizer or fresh soil to that area. Tomatoes pull out the nutrients which is why it’s best to rotate them from one area to another each year.
Fresh radishes. I need to plant some of them :-) I love radishes.
Handstands and cartwheels. Impressive.
Best wishes to your lap top :-)

mcbee May 10, 2021

I will be very impressed if you can work up to a cartwheel!

Marg May 11, 2021

There sure isn’t - it’s good at keeping us on our toes! On the other hand you may never have had a chance to learn how to do handstands and cartwheels again otherwise so there’s that :)
The social community aspect of being at the plot must be just as lovely as having your own piece of ground to grow stuff in!

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