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  • Jan. 10, 2021, 4:16 p.m.
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I like to write. I think writing may even have been my greatest unfulfilled talent/possibility. I think the writing I have done is probably my greatest satisfaction - well except for when I had good flower beds. I like flowers too.

But now as ever I have choices. Choices of what to write and where to do it/keep it. I have here of course where I have friends and where I generally get kind feedback. I have another site where I may be freer to write but there is no feedback. I have a couple live people writing groups but covid has blasted them. I write in notebooks - on paper - and that’s often satisfying. I can glue and staple real objects and private memories in those notebooks too.

I lay in bed at night and review my life. I remember pain and happiness. Jobs and fellow workers. Semi-lovers (interpret that however you like), dogs, books and authors. My health, my body, my strengths, my weaknesses. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it’s suffering, sometimes it puts me to sleep.

This little package of writing could have gone anywhere - but it’s here, for now anyway.

I have a new notebook for the new year = it’s not one I chose, it’s an old one of Grandma’s and it hasn’t been opened yet. I was thinking I might try writing in cursive. I know someone who insists learning and practicing cursive would make out kids better people. I always argue with her but maybe she’s right and if she is, it might help me too. I don’t really believe that but it’s a point that leads either nowhere or somewhere. I will take my choice.

My life feels full of choices right now. What to eat and when. What to buy and when. Who to talk to and when. I can even buy myself some new flowers from Jung Seed in Randolph, Wisconsin.

Ok. 10 things:

  1. Still no furnace. No sign or promise thereof. It’s been mildish but there is cold weather promised.

  2. I made it to Walmart (once) and bought myself two pair of sweatpants, black and gray. The black ones are cozy. I haven’t tried the gray ones yet.

3.Oh hell, two must be enough. I can’t even come up with a three


Abritelight January 10, 2021

Have you thought of consolidating everything. Your writing is pleasant to read.

Serin January 10, 2021

Write free and enjoy the liberty. Then post the ones that make you curious for feedback. Maybe.

NorthernSeeker January 10, 2021

Two is enough unless it's
a) cats
b) potato chips
d) chocolates
c) all of the above

Jinn NorthernSeeker ⋅ January 13, 2021 (edited January 13, 2021)


This is clever !!

woman in the moon Jinn ⋅ January 13, 2021

My current two housecats are irritating the hell out of me. Stripey Butt and Bangladesh.

Jinn woman in the moon ⋅ January 13, 2021

Cats in the house are a source of amusement and intermittent irritation always :-) If mine were not sickeningly devoted to me I could have barely tolerated a lot of their behaviors . Messes are their speciality .

noko January 11, 2021

I am asking myself similar questions about writing. Where, when, why and yet I can't seem to not do it. Things have changed for me as I have gotten older. And yet it is the foundation of what I want to do.

Rivercity January 11, 2021

Semi-lovers. I like that idea.

Neogy Titwhistle January 11, 2021

I've got writing scattered everywhere! A lot of it is on two kaput laptops. And one kaput website! Be well my friend and hoping you see (feel?) that new furnace soon!

Purple Dawn January 11, 2021

I enjoy your writing :)
I don't think I've got much more that 1 or 2 in me either.

Jinn January 13, 2021

Hope you get your furnace !
I love to write but I seem to have difficulty doing it. I would much rather read yours :-)
I think sometimes semi- lovers are the best of all :-)

gattaca January 14, 2021

No furnace! Please don't freeze. You have wood stoves, yes?

woman in the moon gattaca ⋅ January 14, 2021

Yes, the fabulous Woodo, the homemade wood furnace dating from the Carter administration... but you have to cut, etc. wood and it's got cracks in it. But we're fine. I just need to complain about SOMETHING.

Marg January 15, 2021

I love cursive writing - I find it changes according to how well I feel - and it definitely gets better the more I write. It feels more creative somehow I think.

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