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So, I made my significant other fill in a mad lib type sheet that creates a short story based on the words you choose. It was so flat-out brilliant that I had to post it somewhere. For the record...

October 11, 2018

Preptober, anyone? in Planting Trees

Is anyone else using October to get organized for NaNoWriMo/NoJoMo? I’m curious to know how everyone else is going about it this year. I know preparation methods probably vary wildly on what kind...

July 26, 2018

The Deeps pt. 2 in Planting Trees

I almost forgot a big obvious. I know I get horribly depressed in the middle of summer. My dad does the same thing just before Christmas and tries to ruin winter. Or, he used to, anyway. I can b...

July 25, 2018

Depression pt. 1 in Planting Trees

Swing shift. It does it to me every time, and it is 90% of what I’ve worked since I entered the workforce at 16. It isn’t the work itself, but the time slot it occupies that makes me take a hard ...

November 29, 2017

Pharmacy Pergatory in Dream Diary

In this part of this dream, Teffy and I were standing in line at the pharmacy drop off where my mom works. She doesn’t actually work in Pharmacy, but in this dream, she was stocking. There was t...

I’d like to go back in time for a moment. Back to when the forest behind my childhood home still stood. Back to when I was naive enough to think we were a happy family. When mom and I played Lege...

Spoilers: None Risk of Change: Mostly no, some wee details yes. Topic: Races, Cultures/Civilizations I have a strong fascination with human ancestry and the migration of bloodlines. Not crossing ...

Part 1: The Calendar System Spoiler Level: None Risk of Change: Extremely Low Topic: Time Quick ref: Years are called Cycles. 1000 years, or a millennium, is called a Great Cycle. The correct sy...

Spoiler Level: None Risk of Change: Low Topic: Mysteries, People In the lands in the east of Sas-Akrana and Torlynn, where the lowland piney forests become a steady ascent to the high crests of m...

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