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Spoilers: None Risk of Change: Mostly no, some wee details yes. Topic: Races, Cultures/Civilizations I have a strong fascination with human ancestry and the migration of bloodlines. Not crossing ...

Part 1: The Calendar System Spoiler Level: None Risk of Change: Extremely Low Topic: Time Quick ref: Years are called Cycles. 1000 years, or a millennium, is called a Great Cycle. The correct sy...

Spoiler Level: None Risk of Change: Low Topic: Mysteries, People In the lands in the east of Sas-Akrana and Torlynn, where the lowland piney forests become a steady ascent to the high crests of m...

Book Description

From the vaults of lore, e.g. my brain, for the world of Drumlore. These articles are for archiving purposes and will contain a spoiler rating prior to the contents of each entry so that the reader may choose to avoid exposure to anything that may be a main factor of a book later.