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“A song you’d name a pet after (lyrics or title!)”

Ha. So many come to mind. I know if I had time to study that question, I could mine some amazing ones out of all these lyrics… Honorable mentions would be....

Nemo - Nightwish’s Nemo
Kingu - Therion’s Blood of Kingu
Boozer - Korpiklaani’s Happy Little Boozer
Palovana - Korpiklaani’s Palovana (it means Inner Fire)
Surma - Korpiklaani’s Surma (it means like… a cold death, I think)
Saivo - Eternal Tears of Sorrow’s Swan Saivo
Cerice - Ghost’s Cirice
Mephisto - Kamelot’s March of Mephisto (feat. Shagrath)

And on that note, some band names would make either great or hilarious pet names.

Dio, Windir, Slayer, Pantera would be great for a black cat, Judas as in Priest, on and on it goes.

I’ve narrowed it down between these two because what’s the most important aspect of a pet’s name? Fucking humor, of course. So either:



Angus McFife

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