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“A song from a new band you just heard and fell in love with.”

Oooook shout-out to Spotify for this one. They dropped it in my lap on my discover weekly…

This only partially counts because I knew them in the past, but had decided I couldn’t do the band based on the song I heard first.

It’s Gloryhammer, and that song, which I linked on pet name prompt, was Angus McFife. I could tell they were making fun of Dork Metal/Heavy Mithril, but I couldn’t do the “emo haired twink in armor” look, it was all too goofy… Until Spotify surprised me… Slipped this one in and had me rolling in laughter before I knew who it even was. I had no idea they were making fun of the genre to THIS degree, and it is downright perfection.

Needless to say, I’ve come around.

For those of you reading but not listening (which is totally cool too, btw) I just want to describe the gist of this fucking song… By pasting you the narrated intro:

Spoken: Narrator]
And lo, led by the valiant hero Angus McFife XIII
The forces of justice assembled their armies in the skies above Mars
In preparation for the epic battle against the demon horde
But on planet Earth, a far more sinister machination was afoot
In the dwarven caverns beneath the mighty citadel of Dundee
The evil wizard Zargothrax began to recite the dread incantation
Which would unlock the Chaos Portal to the galactic nexus
As foretold in the dark prophecy of Anstruther countless centuries ago
As he placed the goblin king’s crystal key into the altar before him
Ancient runes began to glow on the surface of the portal
Soon the gateway would open and the elder god Korviliath
Of the eighteenth hell dimension would be unleashed onto the galaxy
The countdown to universal annihilation had begun.

The song only gets better from there. Goddamn chaos wizards in space… Fml.

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