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"It has been said time heals all wounds. I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue, and the pain lessens, but it is never gone."

Rose Kennedy

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July 20, 2019

Zzz in In My World

“I can’t sleep” I made him roll over and lay his head on me. About 5 minutes later he rolled over but kept my arm around him and he was asleep almost immediately after. He doesn’t believe he’s r...

July 16, 2019

Okay but he's great in In My World

I’m a little bit in love with YungBlud. What have I become? Also… HELLO EMOPHASE THAT NEVER LEFT

July 08, 2019

Grumpy in In My World

I’m allergic to fleas and I’m also a magnet for all biting bugs. About 20 bites later (in 2 or 3 days. Not bad except 13 are from last night) and I’m just grumpy.

I need to know what really happened to you. The spiral won’t leave me alone.

They say that if you can’t sleep at night it’s because you’re awake in someone else’s dream… Well I slept from around midnight until around 2:30 and then I was just awake until after 6. So like. ...

July 06, 2019

Friday the 13th in In My World

I curled myself into a ball and had your arm between my legs. My head was above your shoulder but my cheek was against it. My legs were cold but your arm was warm. We were watching Friday the 13t...

I keep seeing a car crash over and over again. In my dreams, while I’m awake, and everywhere in between. Not I’m just waiting for it to actually happen. Fuck this. Maybe talking about it will k...

June 28, 2019

Stop. in In My World

Stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it. Let go. It isn’t fucking worth it anymore.

June 09, 2019

Sleepy in In My World

I haven’t been sleeping, mostly just listening to forensic files and reading some things on my phone. I got up to go up stairs and while I was putting my glasses on you rolled over and growled in...

I typed out a whole fucking huge entry and it never saved to my drafts when I told it to… its just gone.

I coughed that kind that takes your breath away but you cant feel in your throat and I couldn’t breathe for almost a whole 20 seconds. So much for prompt care helping. Apparently my airways soun...

May 15, 2019

We are okay in In My World

I am getting through this dumb move because you are here with me through it. We hold each other through everything and I am so grateful for you. You keep waking up and mumbling at me to ask if ...

May 13, 2019

Safe in In My World

I wanted to run away to the 4 walls I felt safest in. The 4 walls I felt closest to you in. You’re gone and my walls are being taken from me again. I’m terrified.

May 09, 2019

Pissed off in In My World

I am completely irrationally pissed off at you right now and I cant talk about it or deal with it so I’m just posting this here. You could at least pretend to care. Oh wait, you’re too “busy”.

We will work things out because as long as we stay together we will always figure it out. Breathe, It’ll be okay. We have 30 days to find a new place to live and I don’t know how the actual fuc...

I’m not okay. I likely won’t be okay for a long time. I need to breathe. Fuck.

(Context: someone direct messaged me on kik and has been making me uncomfortable. Will post screenshots later.) “Yep. That’s it. If things go too far, I’m going off on him. I havent gotten to do ...

April 10, 2019

Fuck this sickness. in In My World

Its 2:35 in the morning, I’m completely exhausted. Still sick, going on day 5. Lost count of how many times I’ve run to the bathroom now. And I’m just generally in a bad mood. I want to be so fr...


You know I’m missing you today. Playing the one song that hurts every time while I’m in Walmart and have to remain composed is just not fucking fair. I miss you.

March 16, 2019

Stronger forces in In My World

In a combination between a very vivid dream and total darkness I forgot where I was for a few seconds when I woke up. It was.... nice. It was terrifying. I like being here because I feel safe wit...

I took the necessary steps to help a suicidal friend yesterday and then got chewed out by another for “hiding shit” today. I did my fucking best, man.

January 08, 2019

Late-night Confessions in In My World

I keep two articles of clothing on my bed all the time: Ali’s hoodie, Protector’s shirt. Well in all my years of borrowing things that smelled like people nothing has ever retained its scent for...

January 08, 2019

Why am I awake? in In My World

The reason I keep this prosebox is for the same reason I used opendiary before the fallout. I write so that I can look back at who I was and how I was feeling. I write so I remember what was goin...

January 07, 2019

Too much to ask in In My World

I’m sure I’ve heard this song a million times but today it reminds me of you.

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