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Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

-Viktor E. Frankl

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February 19, 2018

Comfortably Numb in General

I have so much to write about. But I feel like I have some kind of writers block going on. So if I just keep typing maybe something will break loose. Friday I was running through my newsfeed ...

February 02, 2018

The Mercy of the Fallen in General

The Mercy of the Fallen Eight years ago I left work early and took a trip up route 1 to Rockland to see a concert. Dar Williams. It was an interesting trip, and she is pretty incredible. It wa...

January 23, 2018

Drifting in General

I discovered Enya while I was stationed in Washington State. I can’t study listening to music that has lyrics, so I listened to New Age radio stations. Actually I did that all the way back to ...

Busy weekend. I was supposed to go flying on Saturday. Some confusion texting with the instructor and I was at base ops at 8AM. Looking at the wind sock, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I ...

January 19, 2018

Goodbye Again in General

Goodbye Again It’s in your mind It’s in your eyes So it’s goodbye again It’s way past time For one last try So it’s goodbye again Ouch. Evel has a way of picking them. Vertical Horizon’s “Go” ...

Finally got scheduled. 9JW’s maintenance issues resolved, so it looks like I am going flying Saturday morning. I have a great big yellow sticky on the counter to remind me I need to get to bed ...

January 16, 2018

And in General

And I took my trashcan to the curb. I hope the trash guys don’t think that turkey carcass is a human head. I think it would be about the same weight. It is 12F and raining. Of course it freeze...

January 13, 2018

January Thaw in General

The January Thaw is a thing here in new England. It gives people hope that being frozen alive isn’t actually going to happen. Usually sometime in the middle of January the temperature goes up ...

January 11, 2018

Postcard From Paradise in General

I watched you sleeping Listened to you breathing Wondered if you were dreaming What were you dreaming? And I fell under your spell And I lay where I fell So wind down your window I think I’m gon...

January 06, 2018

And Again in General

The wind whipped up and the snow started again. This is starting to get me down! 8F and falling. If the weather would calm down I could go flying again. I was watching an episode of “Criminal M...

My latest virtual wife. Holy fuck! She looks like Katherine Winnick’s younger, sluttier sister. I approve. Just once more God. Let me get my hands on someone like that. We’ve been in a bliz...

January 05, 2018

X1 in General

X1. Sometimes I forget how beautiful she was. I didn’t stand a chance. 19 years since we separated.

January 01, 2018

Dante's Prayer in General

Dante’s Prayer For the first time in three day I am not wearing a hat. Inside my apartment. This is getting ridiculous. I have known cold. I grew up on northern tier bomber bases. Places tha...

We bagged on Christmas on Christmas Eve. We were all up at my folks’ house, shooting the shit and watching the developing news regarding the weather. When the weather turned to “winter storm war...

December 24, 2017

Heart and Soul in General

So that song came out in ‘87. I was 25. My son was on the way. I was a testosterone factory. That video made me horny as can be imagined. Life has a way of moving along. That video still mak...

December 22, 2017


FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY - The Department of the Navy issued orders today to ADM S. Clause, recalling him to active duty, with a report date of 24 Dec 17. A reservist, with 1,742 years of service, t...

December 21, 2017

Jillian Mele in General

Holy shit, Jillian Mele was live streaming and she actually answered me. I do declare I got an endorphin rush.

When I watch TV, I always have an index card and a pencil on the coffee table. Mostly because if I don’t write it down, I will forget. Then it will pop back into my head at 3am two weeks later. ...

The Entry I sat Down to Write the other Night Before I got all Melancholy So Gary told me last weekend that we might be going to the southern restaurant in Portland on Sunday. This is referring t...

December 18, 2017

Wintersong in General

It’s late and morning’s in no hurry But sleep won’t set me free I lie awake and try to recall How your body felt beside me When silence gets too hard to handle And the night too long This is how...

November 26, 2017

Post Thanksgiving in General

Well thanksgiving went off as it always does. We had some laughs and ate too much. My nephew acted like a spoiled little 13 year shit he is. I took two pounds of garlic mashed potatoes home. ...

November 23, 2017

November Rain in General

Seems the sun never even came up today. Low ceiling, alternating from drizzle to pouring rain. The temperature hanging in the low 40s. It is that time of year. Tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I ...

November 14, 2017

Tubthumping in General

In June of 1999 I filed for divorce. And went on cruise. I suppose you could call it a transitional phase of my life. It was only 6 months. Most of the staff was at Danny’s Palm Bar on Corona...

November 11, 2017

She's So High in General

She’s So High She’s blood, flesh and bones No tucks or silicone She’s touch smell sight taste and sound But somehow I can’t believe that anything should happen I know we’re right where I belong ...

November 09, 2017

The Eagle and the Hawk in General

I am feeling pretty virtuous because I did five miles on my elliptical today. Not all at once. A mile at a time. But that is better than I have done in the last few years. It was this weird ep...

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