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November 05, 2020

Baby yoda

So … Yep. Asked and answered. Ive got a lesson on hand lettering coming up to hopefully help my numbering more. I said im going to get stickers and husband said dont do that haha. So baby Yoda o...

November 03, 2020

Challenge accepted.

Well i got my stink stank stunk ornaments listed in etsy. One down. I got my cousins artwork listed for her. Im going to get some yarns listed eventually. Progress. Ive been spinning some alpaca ...

October 30, 2020

stocking etsy

Oh lord i hate stocking etsy. Its such a pain in the butt haha. I am not good at writing descriptions haha. Anyway my mother in law when she came down brought a bunch of my husbands cousins pain...

October 27, 2020

Stink. Stank. Stunk

I made a new painting based on a sticker i saw on facebook. My fontwork needs WORK, But i had fun with it. I made two. One with a white background ( better for mistakes) and one with the natura...

October 25, 2020

fly away

October 21, 2020


Got my right side of my mouth fixed. Saw the dentist and he fixed the llings being too high and my night guard had to be grinded down into position for my new fillings. Joys. Left side to go and ...

October 19, 2020

its DONE

The self checks blanket is done. The pattern is in sections and like all of this designers creations, each section has a segment about something interesting. The pandemic blanket ( previously sho...

October 01, 2020

Rainbows and Unicorns

Ill just… Leave this here :)

September 29, 2020

The next projects

Oh man what have i gotten myself into haha. Check this out. Can you see the cathedral windows in it? no? me either, Dang grey is not exactly the most conductive to the design. Lame! Its got a...

September 21, 2020

Blanket progress

Here is the update on my blanket for Ch. Hes excited AF over this. We now have a hot pink lounge chair in my living room ( thanks to my parents) and the blanket matches it. Hes so excited haha.

September 14, 2020

Headed out (yarny updates)

Pocket shawl all wrapped up and ready to go! I also finished the flower basket cowl. This is in a slow color changing merino wool. Its going to be so warm for winter. It still smells ever so sl...

September 03, 2020

Creative outlet

I took a paintnight online last week or was it the week before? Anyway im so hooked.... Ive followed step by steps for about 4, and winged a few others haha. This one is a painted plaque. pain...

August 25, 2020

One more

I generally hate how i look. So half covered seems like its working out good for me, Minus my dinky purple watch band lol. Labor of love. Sheared my bunnies baby coats, Siblings. Then spun them i...

August 25, 2020

That danged pocket scarf

Its done. lol. I kinda like it now.

August 22, 2020

Get behind me?!

What? husband said he likes the idea of me painting! I used to draw a lot and i stopped. Between my wrist surgery and the pain that i have lingering, I cant do much with my dominant hand with a b...

August 21, 2020

Paint Parties

Ive loved the idea of paint parties since i heard of them a few years ago. Like LOVE. I love art. Problem is, i never had the 40-50 dollars or more for one. So i watched all my friends go, do the...

Say it isnt so. The boys are getting to where they dont care or want any of the things i make! Ive got several blankets planned and they were all yeah whatever. Have we finally reached the age w...

June 19, 2020

Next blanket

Im so NOT in love with my colors. Its making me mad. But im too far not to finish it… Or maybe i should just call it now and make it a baby blanket. I dont know..... Im not ripping it back out. I...

Almost sounds like a cheesy romance novel :D But actually it is just that. We are getting the first real rain on the house all year. We had maybe 3 small snowfalls all winter and no rain till tod...

May 07, 2020

Mask making again

Every night after 8 i start on the masks lol. I had my sisters friend drop off crown bags and ask me for masks. They are tight. hard to cut that fabric lol. And then the dick fabric. I had to hav...

May 03, 2020

Do good

This isnt one of those. stroke my ego things. Seriously not trying to stoke my ego. I was asked to do two awesome projects! First one, i knit and crochet and spin an all that stuff. I signed on ...

April 30, 2020

I guess im funny?

Ive got someone after me to start an actual blog about my yarn and wool working because she says i have a fun way of talking and engaging that makes people relate to me. I suppose i can be when t...

March 26, 2020

Dandelion jam

This one isnt mine. But i cant copy it as pretty as it is, so i thought i would leave the link for everyone to check out :) Dandelion jam. There are lots of dandelion sprouts popping up. I almo...

March 25, 2020

Its for stress.

Hobbies are good for you. Because they keep you calm and help with stress. So yeah. its for stress. I ordered 16 oz of mixed fiber which i got in the mail yesterday. Today i carded 4 bats. Sold ...

March 21, 2020

Cowl progress

This is my hand spun yarn, First i did measured dye. So it was green pink and purple. Then i separated it and measured each section so i could spin a striping yarn. I spun it and it came out gre...

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