NJM21: While I'm Here in These Foolish Things

  • Nov. 22, 2019, 5:32 a.m.
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I’m on the luxury bus headed to my Girls Trip in a town 4 hours from [my city]. This trip is the result of my injury back in April. While I was in the hospital, all the girls called a rallying cry that THIS would be the year that we finally, finally got back together.

We strive for 1x/year but sometimes that can be a little much with all of the strong personalities in our group. It can be hard to make a decision on WHERE to meet and WHEN to meet because everyone has so many different ideas in mind and there are fights sometimes!

But every time we get back together (we are college buddies from the 1980s, BTW), we all fall back in love. We laugh and we cry and we have the best time. It is going to be a whole lot of that over the next four days and I can’t wait.

So I figured I’d tap out an entry while I’m on the bus and before we all get together because I have a feeling that I won’t have ANY time to write an entry tonight while we all are laughing, partying, reminiscing and catching up.

This bus is actually quite wonderful - all first class seats with meal services, snacks, drinks, blankets, etc. It’s like flying in the old days - ha!

And this afternoon and evening we all converge on a very large AirB&B where we’ll stay for three nights and hang out and love on each other in a way that really good friends who only see each other every couple of years can do.

I’m excited!

Maybe audio to follow? Heh!


SelfPartnered November 22, 2019

sounds like a good time! don't forget the pillow fights in pajama's after a bottle of wine (per person).

Elaine Benes November 22, 2019

A luxury bus sounds great! Never would have even thought such an option existed! Have a great weekend!

Complicated Disaster November 22, 2019

No need for bus pants then??! LOL. Hope you have the most amazing time! xx

bobbi01 November 22, 2019

Girls weekends are good for the soul, enjoy!

Marg November 22, 2019

Sounds like loadsa fun - you’ve all done well to keep in touch for that length of time!

Jinn November 22, 2019

Have fun! It sounds wonderful !

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