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  • March 14, 2019, 10:03 a.m.
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I woke up so stressed. After my entry yesterday I had both franchisees come to inspect my store. To inspect me actually. Karamjeet explained why I am off work for the rest of the week. I don’t think they’re upset with that but they keep asking her how I am doing at running the business. Then my boss even has the audacity to complain about my performance to her which confuses the fuck out of her. That is not appropriate. She is not impressed with him one bit. Then after they leave a company that our head office hires to do Food Safety audits came by for an inspection. Now, this is what I spend my entire job preparing my staff and store for and I couldn’t even be there to help out. This report will completely reflect me and how I run the business. Karamjeet had an absolutely awful day and I am so embarrassed. When I swung by yesterday to deal with the break-in situation from the night before she had already locked herself in the office to cry. This is only her second week at my store and we already broke her.
Then the plot thickened as I had to present a doctors note excusing me from the rest of the week. I helped out the best that I could to get my shifts covered and I had to reschedule all the job interviews that I lined up for myself and leave the scheduling and staffing in her hands. She officially has the complete experience of what it is like to be me at that store and she called me twice yesterday crying. She was so done. Those calls were before the inspector showed up. He found one huge mistake and it is the same one that we always seem to make. I am so pissed because there is only one week of this whole year that somebody actually filed something for me so I didn’t double check it. I’m at least getting a write up if my boss doesn’t want to fire me for it. This only cost me one percent of the whole inspection but if that was caught during a Brand Assessment that would have cost me ten percent of the whole inspection… AGAIN. We did score 87% which is good but my boss wanted 92% which I am to produce completely on my own and without any help or support from him or anyone. Until I hired Karamjeet. My team sucks and Karamjeet can’t even stomach it. This stress is going to make her sick too.
This sick leave will be counted as one of my holidays and I can’t even enjoy it. I still have my staff texting me all night about the dumbest issues, I just called the store to fill my Supervisor in on the report from the inspection yesterday. I gave her the smallest to-do list to get us in compliance with that company and all she wanted to do was complain about how Karamjeet was not nice enough to her. My supervisor is going to completely let me down with this baby to-do list so I will have to call again when the next manager starts. Karam is off today and my boss is going to be swinging by eventually and his behaviour is going to be absolutely despicable. I don’t even blame him. I just need my mistake corrected by the time he gets there because it was the biggest one of all and it is the only one that can be fixed in 2 minutes. Once he sees that is fixed his temper will go from a 10 to a manageable 8.
Honestly, I should just find a new gig. One less stressful but this is all that I’ve known. 13 years I’ve been doing this shit. When my boss asked me to transfer and work for him he said that he would train me so that I can level up from an assistant to a general manager. 3 years later he has not trained me to do anything. When I was at his other store I saw that Emily was doing that stores payroll and I got jealous. I want that on my resume. I have been asking for that for a few years now. She is also on salary but has been working 60 hour weeks. Half of his managers had quit him last month because of his poor behaviour and he is completely convinced that he is the victim in every situation. Every time that I see his other managers they are so strung out and stressed and I know that I am spoiled compared to them. Blah, whatever. I need to relax because this stress is caused my shingles breakout in the first place. I just wish my roommates weren’t all home today. For no fucking reason, they all decided to stay home. I need to meditate or something.
And like, why is Karamjeet getting all the attention from my boss’s? They never make it a point to check in on me or ask me how the business is going and what I need help with. Sure, they did have to fight with the other store owner for me so that I can get her to come work with me. She told me that she told them that she intends to return to her store once it is rebuilt because she did not want them to see her as a replacement for me. Are they aiming to replace me? I get no feedback from them. Just from what I hear them telling everybody else.
K, I need to stop. At least this medication appears to be working. My face doesn’t feel like it inhaled bleach and my lungs no longer feel like I had a whole pack of cigarettes.

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gattaca March 14, 2019

I think it would be a big positive in your life to get another gig. And no, the transition is never easy, but the payoff is worth it. The current work dynamic seems designed to create and sustain stress. If the stress is severe enough to cause physical injury, it's time to make a change, in my opinion.

TommyGnosis gattaca ⋅ March 14, 2019

I know right?! I have a couple more days to get a grip and start looking

KissOfLife! March 14, 2019

Good advice from Mika. My Lordie, crying in her second week? No job is worth tears. Thankfully I haven't cried at mine in a while now lol. I figure I've never been a manager because upper management have seen me way too emotional at work and they need someone with a backbone, which it sounds like you definitely have! But yeah jobs giving us stress and 60 hour work weeks is just ridiculous. I complain doing HALF that sometimes.

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