An Insiders View of a Washing Machine in Everyday Ramblings

  • Jan. 9, 2019, 8:57 a.m.
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Ah, the drama of an urban winter. We are seeing early camellias in bloom and I saw some daffodil shoots yesterday as well.

I had my MRI yesterday morning. It really is a bit like being trapped in a washing machine that goes through various cycles. The tech was very nice, it was early and I was his first patient but I was in there a long time.

He told me he’d had a two year old a few days ago, their scans are short only a couple of minutes but he could not convince the child to put in the gummy earplugs even after putting them in his own ears. I had to use the gummy earplugs because my ears are way too small for normal sized foam ones.

The whole time I was in the machine I was thinking about how incredibly difficult it would be for someone with PTSD. These loud random seeming banging noises even with a lot of ear protection, headphones, earplugs, foam placers to keep your head still, the banging is still intense. And then you are stuck in there.

I was thinking of Mr. Finch and his first brain scan, the one that changed the focus of his life.

Mostly though I was thinking about things I love and enjoy. The smell of the cats, the beauty of the mountain, Frida under the wisteria last spring, being held in loving arms, ice cream…. :) You get the picture.

As I was getting dressed I was thinking I could write a poem about getting dressed for a brain scan. I asked the tech why my dental implants were okay when any other metal was so not, and he said it is because of the type of metal they use, non ferrous.

It will be a relief when the results come back as all clear. My experience with having tests this last year for something else completely and them finding the heart disease makes me a little uneasy…In yoga world we know all about folks getting scans of their backs that show certain things are going on that the individual is not experiencing any issues with…we adapt to so much, we compensate, reroute, our bodies are quite creative in their functioning. And then…oh gosh I have a bulging disc, oh gosh…

So fingers crossed they don’t find anything that needs to be addressed.

And now I get to go into the office shortly. I heard back from the Union Counselor’s office yesterday, more than a week later that she doesn’t have any slots available and I am on a wait list. That means I need to file a grievance directly, something I was hoping not to have to do.

I taught at the church on Monday and will again tonight. The room is less than ideal but it is a room and we were together and I made it work. I look forward to making it work better in the next few weeks.

Space heater anyone?

Last updated January 09, 2019

Lyn January 09, 2019

I admire your attitude in dealing with things.

mcbee January 09, 2019

I really hope you get good news from this scan. Healthwise, you have had a hard time this last year or so.

edna million January 09, 2019

I hope you get the all clear very soon - waiting is hard!

Ragdolls January 09, 2019

I can't tolerate enclosed small spaces. I had to have an MRI a few years ago and they did it in an open-sided one made for people like me. I still had a full fledged panic attack part way through. Had to do it all over again with a sedative. Hope to never have to have another one.

noko Ragdolls ⋅ January 10, 2019

I totally get why you would not want another one. 🙂

Marg January 15, 2019

Hope the results are what you want to hear. I've never had a MRI - I think I would find the noisy enclosed space and the 'being trapped' bit challenging.

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