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  • March 13, 2018, 3:15 p.m.
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So I’m at work browsing job postings on It is very eye-opening. There are, in fact, many jobs I am qualified for with only my two-year (accounting focused) AA that pay more than I’m currently making. I specifically remember that my biggest hurdle when job hunting before (minus the whole interview part) was finding jobs that A) didn’t require a Bachelors and B) were full-time with benefits if they didn’t require a Bachelors.

Like I think I might actually try to apply to some of these. That would be a good goal, eh? It would also show my therapist that I am earnestly trying at life. As flat and blah as I might seem in session, I really do want to improve the quality of my life (the whole point why I see her). My last session basically was her talking the entire time with me saying “Yeah” whenever there was a break in her talking. It was all the energy I had to contribute at the time, and I feel like I now need to prove I was actually listening. I mean I probably did a solid 10 minutes or so talking of the hours, so it wasn’t “yeah” the entire time, but…

Also, my 30th birthday is April 8th. I’ve always kind of been “whatever” when it comes to my own birthday, but this is a big one, and I think I need to treat myself. My birthday is a Sunday and we have an away game in Portland the day before, but I’m thinking about going skiing, lift ticket costs and rental prices be damned. I last went skiing in 2012, shortly after we moved here. I think that would be a great day-cation to myself. Beats wallowing in the debilitating aloneness. Maybe take some possible prospective dating app profile pics while I’m out on the mountain? Yes.

Anyway. I’m trying because the alternative isn’t sustainable.

Also, sidebar: On my phone plan, I get 10GB of high speed data every billing cycle and after that first 10GB, it slooooooows the eff down. I’m currently at 10.34 GB and suffering the greatest suffer. My billing cycle ends the 17th. I think I can. I think I can. I don’t have cable or internet (so no wifi) at the apt because I’m really not home enough to warrant it.

I couldn’t end this entry without whining about something trivial first.

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