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  • Sept. 8, 2014, 10:41 p.m.
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alt textxap1/v/t1.0-9/1622011_10152223144054683_2142987329_n.jpg?oh=b54eb1615e83ee0efddcb4fa28f442c3&oe=54A518E9&gda=1422833971_64b27c5b8f0990aeebe55fd546ca3205)

I can tell this isn’t working - I know adding pix is supposed to be easy but it just doesn’t work for me here.

I found a pic on FB - right clicked - went to properties - copied the URL address and it didn’t show.

I don’t know exactly why but it’s not as simple for me as it is for everyone else SO I’m kinda over it - sorry.

This weekend was really fun.

Will was off ALLLLLL weekend so we went food shopping together - did laundry, normal stuff.

We also went to my sister’s hubby’s new restaurant with my fam, teach and her new bf.

So finally got to meet him - he seems like a good guy and she seems really happy. I hope it lasts.

I’m such a bad judge of character because I really do think everyone is good. They have to be flat out mean to me for me to see they’re not good.

I’m always giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Trying to see their side and stuff.

One of the teacher’s was a lil nasty to me today because although I sent her this week’s schedule on Friday she didn’t get it so she sent me a curt email as if I purposely didn’t sent it to her or something.

I resent it, no biggie.

Yea she was nasty, but she’s an old crotchety cat lady - I’m not gonna hold a grudge. I’m really not gonna go to war with someone I see everyday.

PS - I have nothing against cat ladies - I’m half way there with 4 myself - but she fosters cats, has about 30 in her house right now, it’s all she thinks or talks about.

I hope she’s not a hoarder that has dead kittens behind the couch and stuff. Ugh.

Will tried to hump me Saturday after dinner but I was full and tired and turned him down - so Sunday morning I picked up where we left off and Will couldn’t… finish.

He got it up and was into it but we were going for a while and he couldn’t get there.

I felt bad… I dunno what that means. Hopefully that’s not a regular thing. Not for my sake - for his.

And of course my mind goes to bash myself and that if I was skinner or sexier then he’d finish but it is what it is. He’s stuck with me.

Ricardo looked at my profile AGAIN!!!! wtf, nothing even changes. I’m so annoyed everytime I get the email that he looked! BLAAAAAAAAAAAAH

I really wanna tell him to stop but I don’t feel like it’s right to contact him! I wish he would stop. I don’t give a fuck if he’s interested in me now - 6 years too late.

lessoff September 09, 2014

the button is the second from the bottom, if you actually hover over it it will say insert image. you need to paste the link there. (it did not work on yoru entry here, i just see the actual link).
as gigi said photobucket is free, that is what i use. i even have an app on my phone that uploads my images for it (i have to tell it to do that).

precious butterflies September 09, 2014

You know who is a good judge of character? Acie. He can read people with the quickness and I am always in AWE. I like to think most people are good, but if I can even a small bad vibe? They're tarnished with me forever. lol

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