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  • May 22, 2023, 10:10 p.m.
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So I wonder if when we do get the change to talk, he’s going to come up with some bullshit excuse why he can’t go or doesn’t want to to and then he can plan another carefree Summer not working or being a Dad like he’s done for 6 years now. I just want to know if/when he plans to go because I’m trying to pinpoint exactly when I should send in the paperwork but even if he doesn’t end up going, I’m still going to have it increased. He can’t just keep expecting me to get by with little to no help from him and expect me to do nothing about it.

I truly believe he’s going to feed me some story about why he can’t go or doesn’t want to even though he’s quitting his job tomorrow so therefore he won’t have the money to take our kid out and do shit. I was really planning on things getting better for us but again, until I’m able to find/pay someone to watch my kid so that I can work, I can’t rely on him. Never have been able to and it shouldn’t be any different now. The guy is never going to change and everything always has to be a big fucking drama. You can’t ever get a straight answer out of him and even if you do, there’s the question if it’s even the truth.

I’m just hoping that I can get her into that program in July or I’m going to lose my fucking mind. I only have so much money to get us through and I’m starting to panic a little bit. I don’t think he’s planning to work again for awhile so the stress is starting to hit me pretty hard.

It’s also bullshit that we don’t hear from him until tonight and that was only after I messaged him. I still don’t believe that he’s working like he claimed. I am so fucking sick of things being like this and knowing he’s never going to grow the fuck up. It’s all so fucking tired.

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