Not Even Surprised in My Landlady Serby is the Bane of my Existence

  • May 12, 2023, 3:45 p.m.
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So Serby pays gas here, and tenants pay their own electricity. Well, it turns out that Serby has not paid the gas bill for the entire building for a very, very long time because they are now cutting off service for everyone in the building. All 18 of us.

Employees from People’s Gas came around and put up bright red notices.... I would show you a picture, but I’m having trouble saving pictures on Imgur.

But the notices state quite clearly that it’s due to non-payment by landlord.

She must not have paid them in a very long time, because they don’t cut you off for just being behind on a payment or two. Also it’s illegal for them to cut off gas until after April 30 because they’d be leaving people without heat in winter that way. So it seems like the gas company has had a beef with Serby for a long time and for legal reasons they weren’t able to do anything until May.

I called the gas company, but it went just how I expected it to. They are not legally allowed to tell me one single damn thing because the utility account is in Serby’s name, not mine, and I don’t have access to the account number. I figured, but you know, I had to try.

Serby’s phone is going straight to voicemail because she just decided to leave it off inindefinitely. Because of course she’s doing that.

Oh, and today marks 60 days that I have been either without a fridge or without a stove. Currently it’s the stove.

Last updated May 12, 2023

Jodie May 12, 2023

I think the 18 of you has a class action suite and she will have to answer to that...You think she would care?
Maybe it's time to have a meeting with everyone there and see what she has done to them also? Then you can all take what you have to the authorities who are in charge?

Asenath Waite May 12, 2023

The obvious question is, what the ever loving hell does she spend the rent money on? And how did someone so unbelievably incompetent become a landlady in the first place?! O_o

Well at least she won't be one much longer, so there's that.

I'm tempted to suggest you notify every possible agency and office that might have any say on the matter, since this is obviously extremely illegal, but I'm betting you've already done that.

Holy crap that woman's stupidity is mind boggling.

Serious, serious sympathy.

Deleted user May 12, 2023

You've got to get out of there! How is the apartment search going? I thought you were getting out on May 1?

Ferret Mom Deleted user ⋅ May 12, 2023

Twas supposed to be May 1st, but due to legalities it shall be June 1st instead.

Deleted user Ferret Mom ⋅ May 12, 2023 (edited May 12, 2023)


Does gas effect the temperature of your showers? I am having such a hard time wrapping my head around this. Everything is so illegal, and all of you should be getting an abatement on your rent. Hell, I would not have paid her for May if my lease ran until June. By the time she gets around to evicting you, you'd be gone.

Ferret Mom Deleted user ⋅ May 12, 2023

And yes, the gas means losing hot water.

J.E. May 12, 2023

Sue the bitch!

Mr. Mofo May 12, 2023

Feed her to the Chonkasaurus turtle!

sudare May 14, 2023

60 days! I’m sorry for you.

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