My Landlady Serby is the Bane of my Existence

by Ferret Mom

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WOW!!!! Just wow. A few hours ago I bumped into my neighbor Clifton. He told me that recently Serby told him “to spy on everyone in the building and report back how many of them are cocaine dea...

May 12, 2023

Not Even Surprised

So Serby pays gas here, and tenants pay their own electricity. Well, it turns out that Serby has not paid the gas bill for the entire building for a very, very long time because they are now cutt...

April 15, 2023

And The Beat Goes On

Yesterday I woke up at 6 AM and there was no hot water. The whole building was out, second time in a couple of weeks this has happened. It has to do with the plumbing issues. Serby will only tak...

April 12, 2023

30 Days

So you may remember that Serby kept my refrigerator (as well as electricity to the bathroom) turned off for 22 days, and then when she finally turned it back on she insisted on shutting off the s...

Monday (which was also my birthday) wound up being The Very Long Day From Hell. And then Tuesday wound up being The Very Long Day From Hell: The Sequel. I mean, my entire week has sucked, but tho...

March 12, 2023

Police Report Filed

So this happened a few days ago. Let’s start with the fact that on this particular day I had been awake since 3AM. I had a freaky dream that someone was breaking in and I got out of bed to inves...

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