It Gets Worse, And Worse... (Serby entry) in My Landlady Serby is the Bane of my Existence

  • April 7, 2023, 1:15 p.m.
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Monday (which was also my birthday) wound up being The Very Long Day From Hell. And then Tuesday wound up being The Very Long Day From Hell: The Sequel. I mean, my entire week has sucked, but those two days were the worst.

A lot of this involves Serby.

First of all, let me start with the fact that the mail had stopped coming to my building a couple of weeks ago. And I was expecting several important pieces of mail last week, some of it involving my legal case against Serby. I filed a complaint with the post office last week, they took 72 hours to look into it which got me nowhere. So I decided I would go down to the post office in person, as soon as they opened Monday morning, then go home and spend the rest of the day making phone calls regarding my legal case against Serby.

My neighborhood post office is less than one mile from me. I was there as soon as they opened and I was the first one through the door. Much to my surprise, I found out that my local neighborhood post office is not actually my post office.

Get a load of this, you guys. For reasons I will never understand there are just a couple of blocks in my neighborhood (which unfortunately includes me) where they have grouped us in with a post office out in the suburbs for some reason. The fucking suburbs you guys. And I am a city person who uses public transit, so that means “Houston, we have a problem.”

I took a bus to the edge of city limits and then walked the rest of the way through fucking suburbia to this post office. GETTING TO THE POST OFFICE AND BACK HOME TOOK ME WELL OVER 3 HOURS.

I found out the mail carrier will not deliver to my building anymore because the doorbell buzzers outside the building don’t work. Well, those buzzers have not worked in years, and the mail carrier has a KEY TO THE BUILDING so I’ve always received mail here before. But they informed me that the mail will no longer come to my building unless I can get Serby to fix the buzzers, and this is Serby we’re talking about.

So the only way for me to get my mail is to go in person, and getting there and back takes over 3 hours. And there are several important pieces of mail I still need for legal reasons. Fuck my life.

And now for a whole bunch of Serby updates. I would have to write a order to give you the full version of all the craziness that happened with that woman this week, so I’ll try to condense it into bullet points.

1.) Serby is now aware of what is going on with the mail, and she flat out refuses to fix our door buzzers.

2.) After 22 long days Serby finally turned my fridge and bathroom light back on, BUT.... she simultaneously had the POWER CUT OFF TO MY STOVE and intends to keep that turned off indefinitely (probably permanently). Why? She’s simply on a mission to make sure that I am living without at least one appliance or utility for as long as I live (I’ll be moving out of here before I let that happen though.)

3.) Serby changed the locks to the basement so none of us can do laundry now. Been that way for well over a week at this point, maybe 2 weeks.

4.) Also, locking us all out of the basement just in time for tornado season means we are locked out of our tornado shelter. Super dick move on her part.

5.) Serby insists my bathroom ceiling does not need to be replaced, she insists that merely painting a wall in there will be enough. Actually this is quite fine by me, because her refusal to fix a ceiling that is going to collapse is how I break my lease, so fine, let’s just let Serby do this one her way.

6.) On Tuesday I got into a screaming match with Serby over the phone. There is not much about this to report. I just found screaming at her to be somewhat cathartic, so I wanted to tell you guys I did that.

Deleted user April 07, 2023

I would start packing so I can move. I hate living in apartments where you get a slum lord acting like god. I would probably waive a baseball bat in her face and say go a head make my day.

Ferret Mom Deleted user ⋅ April 07, 2023

I was just thinking to myself yesterday how I should see if I can scrounge up some moving boxes this weekend.

Stumble Bee 🐝 April 07, 2023

Yesssssss 🙌

music & dogs & wine April 07, 2023

OMG I want to set that building on fire with her in it!

WhatDreamsMayCome April 08, 2023

Reminds me of the movie “GetOut”!
I think you should contact a lawyer.

Deleted user April 08, 2023

This is horrific! I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. She's out of her damn mind!

sudare April 09, 2023

It’s terrible… I’m sorry you are involved in it.

Happy delated birthday!

J.E. April 10, 2023


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