Fall in Pictures

  • Nov. 12, 2021, 1:30 p.m.
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Yes, I took that picture. I could not live anywhere where it does not look like this every fall! I don’t know how some of you out there do it, only having one season year round. Or some of you have two seasons. The “hot season” and the “not quite as hot season”. Or, if you live in California, you get to celebrate the “everything is on fire season”.

Anyway. Here are some random autumn pictures.






Cemeteries are always great places to check out the foiliage… lots of open spaces with lots of trees. Here are some pictures I took on a recent walk through Graceland Cemetery.







queenofegypt November 12, 2021


I'm excited that we're actually having an autumn season here this year. The maple trees in my backyard look like they're on fire and I love it.

Amelie's Twin November 12, 2021

Agreed. I may bitch about snow in winter, but the autumn colors completely make up for it.

patrisha November 12, 2021

One of the many many things I loved about living in Vermont was the beautiful trees in the fall.

Purple Dawn November 12, 2021

Your photos are just stunning :)
Our leaves are all gone off of the trees here and last night we got another inch of snow. We do get all 4 seasons but we're into the one I dread the most!

Deleted user November 12, 2021

Wow, these are fantastic!

WhatDreamsMayCome November 12, 2021

Good work!

J.E. November 12, 2021

I swear you've got a knack for photography.

ConnieK November 12, 2021

Fall foliage is lovely, but I can visit it. I like not dealing with snow. Every place has its pros and cons, I think.

toddslife November 13, 2021

great photos

music & dogs & wine November 13, 2021

I love all of this so much! I'll send you a pic of my front yard tomorrow, it's the biggest "Fall" I get here.

Jinn November 13, 2021

Beautiful. We are having snow flurries here tonight.

Ferret Mom Jinn ⋅ November 13, 2021

We got some flurries last night too.

sudare November 14, 2021

Stunning pictures!! It’s still half green here. It seems Chicago is cooler than Kyoto.

Leanne 🌈 November 18, 2021

All your photos are beautiful.

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