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  • July 14, 2021, 6:14 p.m.
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Ah, I found out the reason this is called Queen Anne’s Lace. Apparently, she liked to make lace and if you look very carefully just off center of the umbel, you can see a dot, that is a dark red purple floret and was thought to be representative of a single drop of royal blood from a prick of the Queen’s finger. There is apparently some discussion of which Queen Anne we are talking about as well. I took this shot this morning in the wild weed filled vacant lot next door. There is some thought the dark spot attracts pollinators.

I potted on the tomato seedlings I germinated a week ago. The heat sure helps with that. The columbines are all still alive, so that is progress. I put in green manure seeds yesterday where the original carrots that I planted out from starts were. All the carrots were short stubby little things, whereas the different kind I grew from seeds are thriving. Talking to the one master gardener in the community garden yesterday she was pointing out that all the peas and beans were just toast from the heat.

Several couples are my yoga students and they come to class together. One such couple had to make the hard decision about their beloved dog this last week and it wrecked them. One of the fellows in the couple texted on Monday that he was coming to class by himself because he was so distraught, he didn’t know what to do. He logged on first and he burst into tears when he saw me. He said the class helped and I am so glad our little community can provide that kind of support.

It may seem as you read this that I am typing a Prosebox post, but what I am really doing is procrastinating on website design. I am making this way more difficult than it needs to be. I should just hire someone to do it. But no, I must agonize over the placement of each word, each photo. Argh!

I did make some progress on it Monday. I want to have it operational by the 27th where I am teaching an online class to a worldwide cohort of United employees so that if someone likes the style and manner, I teach in they can join in an ongoing way.

The morning open practice PT club thing is fun, and I am glad I am doing it but I need a couple more people to fill it out on those days and we all have those days where we don’t want to move, or get up too late, or have something else to attend to. It is going to happen by word of mouth. I need to be patient.

This has one funny effect. The students that have the best intention for coming to the morning practice and aren’t making it are showing up for the evening classes. I am just glad they are participating at what ever time works for them.

I had a relatively normal conversation with Charity out in the breezeway on Monday. She is loving the book, so we talked about that. There was still a bit of an edge but there was a softening as well.

On Sunday I will go over for lunch and garden time at the Sherlock’s. The Guy Who Used to Live in His Car is going over every week and hanging with them, but I told Mrs. Sherlock that I was pretty much only available to do that once a month.

The Guy Who Used to Live in His Car (let’s call him Dave) keeps asking after me and Mrs. Sherlock wants him to keep coming over so that he can spell her with Mr. Sherlock now and then when she makes short trips. So there was a little bit of imploring going on…will you come over so he’ll come over so…

This is the way of things as we all get on and more frail. We all end up taking care of each other in all these odd ways.

In my quest not to be too frail quite yet I signed up for the all-access Mindful Strength membership today. I guess that means I will be ordering those wooden gymnastics rings with straps I have in my Amazon basket. There is a pull-up club in my future. It starts in the fall.

Bechdel talks about it in her memoir, the day she could lift her full weight up to the bar in a pull-up. Like with the handstand, I might need help getting up there, but it is going to feel oh so good when I do.

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Marg July 15, 2021

How’s the handstand club going?

noko Marg ⋅ July 15, 2021

Thanks. We finished a few weeks back. All the material is still available and I practice it when I can but it is more difficult to keep up the momentum on my own. I continue to work on my forearm and hand strength, which I will need for the pull ups.

Marg noko ⋅ July 15, 2021

Oh sorry I didn't realise it was finished!

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