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  • July 2, 2021, 12:06 p.m.
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Say hello to our newest Heritage Tree. #377. Since the worst of the heat started, I have begun to walk what I call “the long way round” to the garden. It takes me a little over 20 minutes each way but has the distinct advantages of a controlled pedestrian crossing and no encampments for the currently unhoused. The route also has less direct sun exposure in the mornings.

I was happily walking a block over from the plot swinging my watering can and garden basket listening to the audiobook version on Monty Don’s new book “My Garden World” when I looked up at this tree in the parking meridian and noticed the plaque.

It made me laugh because On Monday night through the magic of Zoom, one of the keen-eyed participants, (who lives in Australia), in the class I was facilitating noticed in the living area of another participant (who lives here), a eucalyptus plant. She grows orchids mostly and has them instead of pets, and I had never noticed this new edition that she bought at a local farmers’ market. But someone familiar with the trees did.

Suddenly, a magnificent tree I had paid absolutely no attention to after having walked by it for years is revealed as the only acknowledged eucalyptus of its kind here in Portland. Because of the pandemic the heritage tree designations have been backlogged. Anyway, this is a cool local development.

The garden is so serene, and I had it to myself and spent over an hour harvesting greens (the netting was such a good idea!) and cutting back the poor heat damaged nasturtiums and I am getting tomatoes on the other plant too! All the while listening to Monty talk mostly about birds but other wildlife as well, including moles. Something I have had recent experience with.

As we have finally come out of the worst of the heat for now many trees in the area, particularly the maples and locusts are showing major signs of stress. We are clearly going to lose a few.

The good news is that locally they have banned fireworks and firework sales for at least two more weeks. The wildfires are starting, and it is so scary. My heart goes out to the folks in B.C. that have already been devastated.

I spent all day after I got home yesterday catching up on yoga “stuff”. Not so much physical practice but community and I participated in the Teacher’s Call last night for the first time in a month. As I have social anxiety, although I get a lot from these calls in many ways, it is better for me to watch them on the replays.

But the guy that runs the thing is interviewing one of my most favorite teachers in the world today and he asked if we had questions for her. Oh yeah.

It was rewarding, but I found the whole thing inexplicably tiring. Maybe it is just letting down my guard after bracing for the extreme weather, maybe it was the extreme weather itself, (it was no joke), but I am feeling less than ambitious today. No handstand practice in the works for me.

It could be all that dry grass out there too. I am most allergic.

Mrs. Sherlock is recovering well from her fall but the combo with the heat was hard on her.

Next week I start the 8 AM daily morning half hour open practice. I have a couple more things to do for that and it will be a work in progress. I so hope that the people I work with tell their friends that have routines given to them by their physical therapists that here is this fun community way to get those practices done. And it is a timeslot that is available to folks in Europe.

It will certainly be an anchor in my own day and give me structure. I expect it to grow slowly with one or two folks at the start with more joining over time. It is also, I hope, enough to motivate me to get my website operational…

With the heat came brain fog. This whole last week has been a bit of a washout in terms of getting things that involve thinking and decision making done.

Our governor has lifted all pandemic restrictions. I understand it, but it feels terrifying after such a long lockdown. You’d think we’d be dancing in the streets.

But so many people are still getting sick.

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ODSago July 02, 2021

I think it is too soon to drop the masks, myself. Our gov is ridiculous in his Trumpian way, wanting to run for president and pick up those Trump Republicans. So here too...we are exposed in FL. I love your love of nature and being an armchair companion on your walks. Please know I am always paying attention to your State's news about climate, housing etc.

Jinn July 08, 2021

Neat to see Eucalyptus there . Makes you wonder who planted it! I grow silver dollar eucalyptus in a pot . It’s a neat plant but fussy as a houseplant.

Marg July 09, 2021

I love it when that happens - something gets brought to our attention then it starts to show up on our radar too in our surroundings :)

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