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  • June 6, 2021, 10:05 a.m.
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Be it ever so humble…”my” plot. The bugs are crazy around the leggy nasturtiums, the beets and regular chard. I was able to harvest a few unaffected leaves to eat yesterday. I grew the carrots, marigold, giant chard you see here from seed. The tomatoes are indeterminates, one regular sized fruit, one cherry tomatoes. Kes bought them as starts at her local natural foods market. She brought the basil from there too.

I need to figure out how to get the netting up soon or I am going to lose everything to bugs on the other side of the plot. I’ll spray the Safer Soap again on Tuesday. It didn’t hep with the leaf miners, but it is helping with the other bugs.

Yesterday was a bit frustrating with the garden and I felt like I was regressing in Handstand Club. I need to keep working on my strength, but I want to be able to work on my balance. Grrr. I have to get up there first. I am close and that is the way of these things. A step forward and a step back.

When I was walking back from the garden, there is a little used pedestrian overpass over the freeway that I use so I don’t have to jay walk to cross six lanes of traffic, (traffic is back to pre-pandemic levels here). There is a ramp up and as I came over the rise, I saw what I thought was a big pile of clothes.

It was about 4 PM cloudy and foreboding. The pile was two young people dressed for what looked like a Saturday night out, one in a short skirt and fishnet stockings, the other a leather jacket and a gold ring. I saw the ring because I was looking for signs of life. His hand twitched. They were supporting each other slumped over in that profoundly disturbing position opioid users get into where their heads practically touch their legs. It really upset me. These people have parents and siblings and…

At least they were alive. I came home and watched two episodes of Gardeners’ World to decompress.

Mr. Sherlock had a dental situation on Friday so there was no walking and talking and nursery going. Mrs. Sherlock is taking Diego and me to the vet in the morning, so I’ll hang out with her then.

There is a yoga teacher I follow on social media and listen to a podcast she does answering anatomy questions. She is a physical therapist. Her dad was an orthopedic surgeon. She is a triplet, and one brother is a doctor and the other a physical therapist. She is a very vocal animal rights advocate and a didactic vegan.

She is very fit and tiny, in her 50’s. She is a big proponent of handstands and gets into and out of them with great ease. Her method of teaching them is not suited to me but still as this is something I am working on I am curious, looking for tips.

The first thing I thought when I looked at pictures of her a few years back is…oh, she has an eating disorder.

The takes one to know one thing. Her ribs stick out and she wears these little tops where you can see each of her vertebrae. I really can’t look at her showing things because it seriously triggers my body dysmorphia.

Apparently, it is not only me she triggers. There was a note that she highlighted calling out the person calling her out (on a little video of a movement practice) where a practitioner said she couldn’t watch her anymore and she hoped she got some help.

Her response? “…Being criticized for being “too thin” seems a bit whiny since that body type “seems” to be more ideal. So, why do people make negative comments when they think someone is too thin? My whole family is built this way. I am in menopause and literally lost my curves – do you think that was something I was going for? I work hard to be strong, I eat well, and I don’t need to justify my body or my big ribs…”


She seems to be against body shaming unless it is directed at her. Oh please.

There appears to be a complete lack of comprehension about eating disorders and how they work, and it wouldn’t bother me so much except she puts herself out there as a “mama bear” for young women that practice yoga and she is promoting her “brand” to make money.

Today I am grateful I am no longer a young woman and can think for myself and push back against the “influencers” out there.

And that I can practice expressing a view here.

woman in the moon June 06, 2021

I love your farm. I hope you can stay ahead of the bugs.

The body thing. I don't think perfection is attainable. I lost some weight - except that I (and everyone I know who loses weight) gain(s) it back.
bad sentence
I am less fat than I was. I feel ok. But who the hell knows. Did I tell you I looked up the Pilates guy in Wiki? He was a real person, a German. For what that's worth.
Question though - for you and for the skinny woman. Why do people want to be skin and bones? I get it that most of us are too fat, I have a long Roxanne Gay story that I could put on the Moth Hour.
Have a good rest of Sunday and a good first whole week in June.

noko woman in the moon ⋅ June 06, 2021

Same back at you. If perfection we attainable then we wouldn't spend any more money. The skin and bones thing is different, it is a manufactured ideal (to sell us things) that turns into a disorder in certain people. It is a kind of mental illness. When I was a teenager not eating was a way I could exert some control over my life. It got out of hand and back then there was no treatment for it. The treatment now is still hard, but people understand it better. At least some people. It changes the way we see ourselves. And yes Pilates was a real guy that did interesting work.

Jinn June 07, 2021

Your garden plot is doing very well. Bugs are just part of the culture :-)
Sad about those opioid waifs . They sell their souls.
I never obsessed too much about my body until my spine got decimated. Then I got severe kyphosis and now I can barely look in a mirror . 🤦‍♀️. It’s awful. It makes it hard to find clothes that look even half way decent and now I have to worry about weight; which I never did much before. I tell myself I don’t care since there is nothing I can do to improve or fix it ; but I do care .

Marg June 09, 2021

Oh wow that’s a big difference from your previous photo of the plot when you first got it - lots of work been done there! That must have been distressing seeing those addicts like that. I feel I can spot those struggling with eating disorders too but I get that it must be intensely frustrating for those who are just built small and can never put on weight no matter what. I often wonder how much I would actually eat if I was built that way!

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