Alternative Sweetners in Weight Loss Surgery

  • June 2, 2021, 7:52 a.m.
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I guess I should preface this by saying I’m not a doctor.

I just like YouTube a lot lol.

I learn a lot from YouTube and usually I text my family with what I’ve learned, esp. when it comes to food / health.

And then I thought, why not share it here.

I should say that I use all kinds of bad “sugar free” sweeteners but we were thinking about what’s best for my 6 yr old niece Emma who has a sweet tooth. So then I started researching videos.

Turns out all sugar is bad (white, brown, cane, in the raw, turbinado). It’s been said it feeds cancer cells, it’s not good for your stomach bacteria and it’s highly inflammatory. Artificial sweeteners are better than regular sugar in all these respects but not by much. But sugar isn’t going anywhere anyway.

Also, don’t judge my spelling on these weird words.

What’s good?

From what I watched, it seems like Monk fruit is great and you can bake with it the same as sugar. I’ve never tasted this but I plan on it. I’m interested in what the alt sugars taste like to see how it may alter my cup of coffee.

Erythritol is ok if it is non gmo/non corn but I’ve heard it coats the tongue weird and may even have a cooling effect on the tongue that people may not like.

Stevia plant/Truvia is also good (pure liquid extract is best) but you can’t bake with it.

Coconut palm sugar OK (coconut sap/nectar), I’ve heard it tastes nutty.

REAL maple sugar/syrup (not fake pancake syrup) is ok.

Date syrup is pricey but good health wise and I’ve heard it has a pleasant caramel taste.

Sukrin brown sugar is a good brown sugar replacement. Stays softer too.

Pasteurized honey is bad cause it kills all nutrients when it’s boiled to be clear and pourable - raw honey is better nutrient wise and some say better tasting. (I’m not a fan off honey but you guys test it out).

Black strap molasses good if you like the taste. I don’t know that you’ll be putting that in your morning coffee!

What’s BAD?

Splenda = sucralose = bad chemicals for your brain.
Agave = fructose = diabetes = bad.
Malatol/Xylitol - bad.
Dextrose = sugar = bad.
Maltodextrin = gmo food preservative = bad.
Natural flavorings = bad chemicals.
Equal = aspartame = bad chemicals.

Sugar, or alt sweeteners are in EVERYTHING. Condiments like ketchup and salad dressings are huge offenders. Read your labels.

I’ve been a big fan of Splenda for a long time. But I’m gonna buy Monk Fruit sweetener soon to see how it tastes.

Am I gonna give up sugar completely. NO, of course not. Did I mention my sister is a pastry chef???

But inside my home, for my daily use, if monk fruit doesn’t taste weird - I wouldn’t mind switching out the Splenda.

Has anyone tried a monk fruit sweetener? Does it have a weird taste?

Evelyn June 02, 2021 (edited June 02, 2021)


I wouldn't say monk fruit has a bad taste but its definitely different from regular sugar. To me it tastes sweeter..

You can also use fruit, like bananas to sweeten bakery items or smoothies. I use mostly honey and real maple syrup. I try to stay away from the industrial sugar as much as I can and go more toward the natural route.

sedentary Evelyn ⋅ June 02, 2021

I guess I'll have to try it myself and see. I find Splenda pretty sweet already.

lessoff June 02, 2021

ive never tried monk fruit. you will have to let us know if you like it.

ive done splenda and truvia (separately)

sedentary lessoff ⋅ June 02, 2021

I've just stuck with Splenda or regular white sugar for a long time. I'll def report back on the monk fruit.

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